Sunday, July 26, 2009

All About Cakes

The past two weekends have been all about the cake. As reported already, last Saturday involved my first sail boat cake!

Ahoy mateys!

Then last Monday, with the help of my bestie, Jamie

I attempted to make a fridge cake to enter an online contest.

It started out well.

I had a ridiculously cute checkered "tile" floor!

But it soon went to shit and when I ran out of fondant at 9:30PM,

I threw in the towel and shook my head in disappointment. I think I got over confident honestly. Oh least the floor was cute!

This past weekend, I did my first dragon cake!

He kind of ended up looking more like a brontosaurus BUT, he was too I named him Pete. The woman I made it for (a referral from Jennifer, who is determined to put me into business) seemed happy, I just hope her kids liked it!

I also did a cake for a birthday party I attended on Friday night that was for one of my dearest friends. I can always count on Christina for a good time on her birthday, and a good time deserves a good cake.

Chocolate cake with Fresh Bing Cherry filling with Dark Chocolate Cherry Buttercream.

One of the fastest cakes I have ever decorated. I thought it looked great, tasted great, and everyone seemed to enjoy it! All around a success!

I also made a cookie cake today for my boss's birthday on Tuesday...but I think that should be it for awhile. I think my standing mixer needs a breather!

Happy Baking!

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