Sunday, August 2, 2009

Funny Dogs

I apologize for my absence...I haven't had much going on lately.

I have decided to dedicate this post to our funny funny dogs. Although we have hundred upon hundreds of pictures...these are some of the funniest. Enjoy!

Quick introductions for those of you who don't know,

Bailey, Bubba, & Vegas

Bubba is our oldest and we have had him the longest. He wears the pants in the family.

He enjoys chasing squirrels, rolling in the grass, and line dancing.

This is Vegas. She is a diva, and doesn't like the flash.

Bubba has been kind enough to let her nurse so she can grow big and strong.

This is Bailey. Her ears help her fly.

She didn't like flashes at first either.

But she has grown to love them.

It has become a show down between Vegas and Bailey.

Typically Vegas looses.

But in the end they are best of friends!

Happy Pooches!

"You can not change the world by adopting one animal, but you can change the world for that one. " - SPCA of Texas

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