Friday, April 30, 2010

#1 Pet Peeve

So I think I have decided what my #1 Pet Peeve has been during my pregnancy. It hasnt been people asking me how much weight I have gained (although that is rude and awkward) or people asking if he "was planned" (ummm...really??) or even giving me looks like I am insane when I say we are doing natural childbirth....


I think my #1 annoyance is the following conversation:

Stranger: "So when are you due?"
Me: "End of June"
Stranger: "Are you excited?"
Me: "Oh yeah, definitely"

So far so good right?!

Stranger: "Is this your first?"
Me: "Yep! Three dogs at home but this is the first baby!"
Stranger: "Oh yeah. Big difference. And I will tell you, those dogs will become just that when that baby gets here....Dogs!"
Me: ....
Stranger: "Have a great day!"
Me: ....

Bleh. People suck. Lol.

Happy Baby Week!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ready Freddy! (kinda...)

Although we have not finished our Bradley Classes or packed our "hospital bag" or washed ANYTHING or finshed the room or even bought sheets for the crib....part of me is really excited and really ready to meet our little one.

That being said...if you are reading this God and/or "Punkin"...PLEASE DO NOT COME THIS EARLY!!!!

BUT I am ready to start our life as an even bigger family. I am ready to see what he looks like. I am ready to see if he has red hair or brown or maybe even throws us a curve ball and blonde! Does he have Hubby's lips or mine? Will he be able to tan (part of me hopes yes but part of me hopes no...)? Will he be a good sleeper or a bad one? A night owl like Hubby or a morning bird like me? How will the dogs react? Will they love him immediately or will it take time (I'm sure as long as he has sticky fingers they will love him...)? I am just ready.

Maybe that stems from not wanting to grow any larger in the belly...

Happy Baby Week!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Movements

One thing I couldnt wait to feel and experience was the baby movements. What in the world did it feel like to have something ALIVE move around inside your gut? Was it alien like? Did it hurt? Did it tickle? I think that is also the first question that I always asked to my pregnant friends, "what does it feel like?!". The overwhelming response that I would typically get was... "gas"....


Somehow that is not as whimsical and special as I was hoping....

I started to feel movement back in February. I described the feeling as muscle spasms or twitching, and while I do still feel that way, as he has gotten bigger, the feeling has definitely changed and is almost indescribable...which sucks...I know but I am going to try.

The past few days, "Punkin" has been a movin' and a shakin'. He is all over the place. Feet (well what I assume are feet) on the right side, feet on the left side, feet down below...thankfully I havent had the dreaded rib kicks yet...but he is definitely getting a work out in the there and I had a moment when I was driving home and he was doing a salsa to the right and it almost felt like bubbles under my skin. I know, that sounds weird, but if you can imagine the feeling of being in bubbles under water (come on....we all played those swimming games when we were younger) and what that felt like on your imagine it on the inside. Frankly it almost tickles!

As he gets bigger (deal Lord...I hope not too much bigger...) and once his head drops, I am sure the feeling might change again but I have decided and declared that it feels like bubbles. Definitely bubbles....which I feel is more to look forward to that gas....just saying.

Oh and it definitely still is very "alien-like". Especially when you can see movement on the outside. Neat...but definitely freaky.

Happy Baby Week!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are you crazy?!

*This is random, chaotic post. I apologize for my rambling thoughts...but just go with it...

It is the summer of 2001. I had just graduated from high school and had been accepted into a summer program at the University of Texas in Austin. (Basically it was a program that allowed you to start school the summer before everyone else would...kind of a probationary/can you really it hack it here kind of I even got accepted I will NEVER know but whatever, that is another story for another day.)

It was the second summer session and I had heard about this anthropology class from a girl that lived on the same floor as me. She said the teacher was really awesome, she learned a lot, and they talked and learned about midwives. Midwives?! What the hell is a midwife?! I was intrigued and signed up for a class taught by Robbie Davis-Floyd, I will say that the class was pretty much life changing. I dont remember my grade, I remember a few specifics here and there, but I do know that I left that class knowing at 18 years old that when I was ready to have a baby, I would be doing it with the assistance of a midwife. It was a no brainer.

I pretty much kept this decision under wraps for a number of years because a) I was 18 b) I wasnt in the market for babies and c) I dont know that that would have been the best conversation starter when looking for a boyfriend....

Him: "Hi, I'm (insert name here), it's nice to meet you."
Me: "How are you? I'm Megan. So what are your opinions on natural childbirth?"

It would just make things awkward.

Flash forward to summer 2003. The summer that Hubby and I all know what happened after that of course. I couldnt tell you exactly when I had the conversation with him about natural childbirth but he knew that was my intention when that time came about. We never really talked details or anything but he was definitely aware of my wishes and was very supportive.

When the baby talk finally got serious last year, I began to do some research...gotta love the internet. I learned more about natural child birth and the overall benefits. I read a LOT of first-hand experiences of all kinds, both natural and medicated. I learned about Bradley classes and I learned  more about what exactly a birth center is and started researching the ones in our area. I was quickly disappointed to find that the selection is somewhat limited. By limited, I mean like 2...maybe 3. Sure there are TONS of midwives but the compromise for Hubby and I was that I got my natural birth expereince but it needed to be in a facility that was able to take care of things and near a hospital (in other words...not at home) and I was honestly okay with that. What if something happened? Would I really want to do that to our sheets and mattress? And wouldnt it be nice if someone else cleaned up afterwards?

While researching birth centers, I soon also learned that there are different types of midwives. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and Certified Professional Midwives (CPM). The difference....CNM are midwives with experience in both nursing and midwifery. That sounded pretty good to me! Thanks to google...I quickly found out that my birthing location options dwindled even further upon the decision to use a CNM...there was only one. The Birth and Women's Center. It was in Dallas, not exactly close to our house, but it was the only option. I crossed my fingers.

Hubby was brave and patient enough to take a tour of the center before we were even pregnant. Out of 7 couples...we were the only ones not "with child". I felt stupid immediately BUT ultimately didnt care because at least I was planning ahead and wouldnt be looking for a different birth option at 30 weeks pregnant.

October of 2009 rolled around know what happened then! 9 pregnancy tests later...we were in the market for a birth center and after our tour the months before, had already made the decision that the Birth and Women's Center was the place for us. It is basically an old house that has been "converted" into a birthing center. It is super cozy. 100% not medical and was just the place I wanted to be when in the throws of labor. that fills you in a little bit but after all that...I still havent really answered the question as to WHY in the world I would want to give birth naturally. Why in the age of medicine and technology, would I choose to feel the "pain" of labor when I could just lay there and push and end up with a baby? Why would I want to feel everything when I could just be drugged?!  Am I CRAZY?! Honestly I dont know that I can give a better answer other than I can not imagine doing it any other way. I want to be alert and apart of my birth experience. I want to have a birth experience, I dont just want to give birth. Also, I HATE needles and the thought of that epidural needle makes me want to throw up AND frankly I dont understand why I have been told throughout my entire pregnancy that an advil should be avoided at all costs BUT at the very end of our journey....probably the most important is okay to put a substance into my spine that numbs me from the waste down. Surely the medicine doesnt go to the baby too...right? Right....

Is this decision for everyone? Probably not. Do I judge people who have medicated births? HELL NO! Why would I judge someone for making that decision and expect them not to judge me for doing it without drugs?? Could I be 100% crazy and regret my decision...sure...but I hope that I dont. I feel like deciding how you want to birth needs to be more of a priority for women. You dont just have to do what the doctor says and you dont have to go into your birth experience completely uneducated about what exactly happens and what will take place. One thing I have learned throughout this experience is that education is the key to not being "afraid". Am I afraid of the pain....ummmm YES!!! BUT knowing what to expect, knowing what exactly is going to happen to my body, knowing that the baby and I have to work together to get him the hell out of there...helps and is comforting. Hospital, birth center, home, or corn field....educate yourself. Dont go into your birth or pregnancy without doing a little bit of research. Its amazing what you will find. And while you are at it...try to find any accounts of a bad, natural birth...just saying...

Happy Baby Week!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Week!

I have decided to declare this week "Baby Week"! Similar to "Shark Week" but different in ways that I won't get into right now. But this week I will be writing about babies and my pregnancy experience thus far and all that crap. If you are 100% NOT interested, then please tune in next week BUT if you try and stick around, I promise I will keep it interesting, funny, and I will not be using the "v-word" or pictures for that matter in any way, shape, or form.

Happy Baby Week!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Poodle Cake!

So do you remember when I told you that I was "testing" a cake recipe for a friend's birthday. is said cake and if I do say so myself, it turned out PRETTY STINKIN' CUTE! I am 100% not an artist, frankly I can't even draw a good stick figure BUT I can somehow draw on a cake....I still don't understand it. Granted, when I saw "draw" it does involve me looking at an example and "sketching"/drawing it out with a toothpick on the cake first.

Regardless...this cake turned out better than I expected and the birthday boy, Bob, really enjoyed it. Who is Bob, you ask? Bob is a really good friend of Hubby and I's and is actually the reason that Hubby and I are together today! Hubby and him were roommates and him and I were good friends...and the rest is history. : )

Anyways...Bob is what one might call a "poodle rancher" and by one, I mean me. Him and his wife started with one toy poodle, which led to two, which led to three, which led to breeding two of them, which led to six, but has now left them with four! FOUR! I thought three was a lot!

I was given creative license with his birthday cake and frankly this was the first thing I thought of! : ) It turned out cute, the cake was delicious, and he had a great 32nd birthday! Couldnt ask for much more!

Happy Birthday Bob!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Belly Rubs

Belly rubs are an absolute staple in our house. They make everyone smile, they make everyone happy, and they feel good too!

Have you rubbed a belly lately?! If should try it!

Happy Bellys!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let there be plants!

We are in business people!

If you have been following our adventure, Hubby and I have taken to gardening. Well, Hubby has taken to gardening and I am reaping the rewards.

We shopped for plants, found stuff we would both love...other than the bell peppers, those were my selfish choice because I just love them!

But other than those, we have a lettuce section



and even cucumber!

We are up and running and definitely excited!

(he is so cute!)

Happy Earth!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What do you get....

Sometimes my best "creations" come when I am just playing around and having fun in the kitchen. What do you get when you have a trial chocolate cake (I was testing the recipe for an upcoming birthday cake), a vanilla simple syrup, strawberries on sale (99 cents per pound!!), and homemade whipped cream...

a delicious Easter treat!

So I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile but never had the best reason so now I am going to take my chance. Not only is this blog about our Easter dessert, it is about being brave and experimenting in the kitchen.

I am by NO means an expert in the kitchen. I still learn something new everytime I cook and everytime I watch the Food Network. BUT I will say that I am a much better cook than when I started and I owe a lot of that to being brave enough to just try new things and being okay with failure.

Cooking and baking is about trial and error. As much as the story on the bag wants you to believe that Mrs. Wakefield just HAPPENED to create a recipe for a delicious baked treat and just HAPPENED to toss in some chocolate pieces and BAM out came Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies, I have a hard time buying it.

Sure, she might have had her batter ready to go but once she realized the chips didnt melt, you dont think she experimented to come up with what is now one of the best cookies on the planet?! Trial and Error.

Be brave. Try using new ingredients. Try "creating" a recipe just from what you have in the pantry or on hand. Be okay if it tastes terrible and finds it way to the trash, but learn from that and don't let it bother you enough that you can't try again. (It has taken me years to be okay with that mind you)

I have found that some of the best recipes and frankly the most enjoyable cooking experiences have come from when I am just playing around and having fun in the kitchen. I promise, over will make you a better cook and you will enjoy food and the fruits of your labor even more!

Happy Cooking!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here's the dirt on our garden (HA! Dirt...Garden...get it?!)

So as you may recall, Hubby and I have decided to become one with nature and attempt to grow our own produce.

Step two in the "starting your own garden" handbook involves dirt. Lots of it. Three different kinds to be exact but I am going to be honest with you, I am not sure what they are. All I know is that mixed together it pretty much looks like potting soil but dirt is easier to say so we are going to continue to call it dirt.

The pot was removed, mulch was added as filler, and dirt was added. We are in business people!

The next question (as Hubby tested the waters and tossed a tennis ball near it and watched Bailey jump right in) was how we are planning to keep the dogs out. We get the best sunlight in the middle of the yard so while we could have put it in a raised location, they chances of tomato survival were slim to none. My suggestion was a tazer and cookies. Everytime they go near it, they get tazed. Everytime they walk away, they get a cookie. Apparently Hubby thought this was inhumane or something. He is a softy.
(And I am only joking people...please dont comment or send me any nasty email...we dont taze them...only make them wear funny costumes and hats for punishment)

and maybe the occasional napkin or E-collar...just saying...

Anyways...focus Megan!

We compromised and decided on chicken wire. We figured this would at least keep them away from the plants they couldnt reach. When I say "they"...I mean Bailey.

As you can see, we also sectioned off the garden for each plant. This will make it easier to keep track of what is what and allows for each plant to have his/her own growing space. This is looking easy!

Next step...plants! Wish us luck!

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 weeks = start of month 7th = start of 3rd trimester

Easter Sunday started our 28th week. We are officially in the 3rd trimester. Should I start freaking out yet...

Happy Baby!

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Black Thumb

So Hubby and I have tossed around the idea of planting a garden for awhile. Not for flowers so much as for fruits and vegetables. We actually attempted one in our old house...

but soon realized that:
a) plants need sunlight
b) the hose was too far away
c) we got lazy
(and yes...they are planted in a pick-up toolbox...we are innovative)

Anyways...we have continued to talk about it but with the three beasts, the challenge was not only where we would put it so they couldnt attack it but would we have time to maintain it.

We have gotten to know our neighbors a couple houses down (they recently had an ADORABLE baby girl in January!) and what would you know...they recently planted a garden! This was all the motivation that Hubby needed and he too was on a mission.

I will document our "journey" in stages, hopefully in the end with me holding a GIANT bell pepper or tomato or something, so be ready!

Friday, we began our "journey". We went with a 5x3 size and based on what Hubby has read and the info he got from our neighbor, doing it this way should make it easier to maintain. I am crossing my fingers.

First came the building of the frame. I was 100% not involved in this process. This is all Hubby. (please disregard the pot in the was there to keep the bedliner down during the storm of 2010 which proved to be less than less than impressive I mean it didnt rain)

Next step...dirt! Stay tuned!

Happy Green Thumb...hopefully!