Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Bath

At the birth center, Daddy gives the first bath.

It was too cute not to share.

Happy Baby!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Birth Story (Part Three)

Catch up with Part One and Part Two if you haven't already!

Okay...I can do this, right? I am about to give birth...with no drugs...holy smokes. Cherie and Beverly continued to check the baby's heart rate and after a few rounds of pushing, said that his heart rate was dropping and I needed to push to get this baby out. This part was exhausting. I would push when they told me, breath when they said to, and just tried with everything I could to get our baby out. It was hard, I remember telling them when I felt the burning that everyone warned about. He was coming, whether we liked it or not. I continued to push with each contraction and suddenly they said the head was out! With one more push, Cherie suddenly flopped this HUGE baby on my stomach. OH MY GOD! I didn't cry, I didn't yell, I was just in shock. I looked at Hubby and just kept saying "oh my God", "oh my God", "oh my God". I couldn't believe I did it and I couldn't believe that baby was inside me! I couldn't believe he was finally out! WOW!

He didn't cry immediately, that made me nervous. After cutting the cord, they took him to the warmer where he pooped about a pound and half of stuff and then started crying. It was an amazing sound. I couldn't believe that I just did it. All of my fears melted away and it was done. He was here. It was amazing.

Then they had to push on my stomach, not 100% sure why, and that hurt quite a bit. Then came the that was amazing and HUGE...and then more pushing on my stomach. OUCH! And then...I got to hold our baby.

He was here. He was safe. He was perfect.

8 pounds and 20 inches of perfection. We were immediately smitten.

Happy Baby!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Birth Story (Part Two)

If you haven't read part one already...please catch up, I'll wait...we don't need anyone being lost.

So after I was checked for dilation, I got changed and continued to breath through each contraction. They were coming often and getting stronger. Cherie our midwife soon arrived, assessed the situation, and checked me out. She also noted that we were going to have a baby sooner than later and made sure that everyone was ready. Beverly continued to get the room ready, making sure I was as comfortable as possible, and made me drink lots and lots of orange juice. As the contractions continued, it started to get warm and I suddenly wished it wasn't June and 100 degrees outside. I continued to labor in multiple places, trying to find the most comfortable position to be in (which turned out to be on the and whimsical, I know). Hubby and my mom were there every step of the way, encouraging and motivating and making sure I was okay. Around 5:00PM the contractions started to get REALLY rough and felt like they were right on top of each other. I moaned, and groaned, and occasionally screamed-ish...but made it through each one. Once each contraction had passed, I remember thinking "man I need to quiet down, I am going to scare any women who are just here for their appointments!".

Towards the end, there was a moment that I wasn't sure I could do it. I leaned into Shawn, whimpering that I couldn't do it. He assured me that I could, and frankly hello...I was going to have to! That baby had to get out of there somehow! I knew these feelings were a good sign though...they meant the end was near!

At 5:20PM, Cherie checked and said I was dilated to a 10 and that this baby was ready. I got nervous. I wasn't sure I knew what to do. I begged her not to leave...not sure where I thought she was going to go...and told her that I needed her help. She assured me that she would be there and then said that it was time for her to break my water. Splash! The contractions continued. Cherie told me that I needed to push a little bit to get the baby down. I struggled to figure out where I needed to push from. I know that sounds weird but I just couldn't quite get the hang of it. Once I realized that you really do just use the same muscles as when you poop...use the restroom, we were good to go. This is also when I tossed my cookies. Apparently a lot of women do it, and when it happened Cherie told my mom and Hubby that that was a good sign and the baby was almost here. I realized then that while this was a "beautiful process", I probably looked absolutely TERRIBLE! On the toilet, throwing up. SEXY! Hope baby didn't mind.

I was told that I needed to move on to the bed. The thought of moving and leaving my comfortable toilet sounded terrible but I figured they probably knew what was best and frankly I didn't want the baby coming out IN the toilet. I shuffled into the bedroom, laid down with Hubby sitting up by my head and my mom standing by my side. Cherie got her apron on, Beverly was at the ready, and they said it was time to start pushing...holy crap...this was it.

To be continued.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Birth Story (Part One)

Well Parker is currently asleep and swinging away so I thought this would be the perfect time to finally share our birth story!

The week started out like any other. Went to work Monday morning, surprising everyone because I had been told at most of my appointments up to then that he would probably be coming "any day now". I guess he was just happy and content in there! On Tuesday, I started to get nervous about not being able to get home in time if I did go into labor at work. Hubby and I talked about it and decided that potentially Wednesday (the 23rd) would be my last day in the office UNLESS I was feeling absolutely fine...then I would just keep working. I was hoping Wednesday would be it because while I was still feeling fine and chugging along...I was starting to get uncomfortable.

Wednesday morning was like any other. Got ready, kissed the husband and the dogs, and went to work. I was sitting at my desk and at 10:10AM (yes I looked at the clock) I got my first "hmmm this is different" contraction. Nothing mind blowing or so painful I couldn't keep working, but it was different enough for me to take notice. Felt like a strong menstrual cramp. I of course still wasn't sure if "that was it" or if it was just another Braxton-Hicks contraction, but I called Hubby and texted my mom to let them know. Hubby said to just note the time and start keeping track of them. I kept working and at 11:15AM I got another one. A little stronger but still nothing that caused me great alarmed. I did find that walking down the hall to restroom helped but I wasn't sure that I needed to leave just yet and I'm sure people would start wondering why I was going to the bathroom so much!

Since it was potentially my last day in the office, the girls and I decided to "picnic" during lunch (we eat together in the conference room instead of isolation at our desks) and while I didn't say anything to them, I did take notice when I got another contraction around 12:00PM. This one was a little stronger. I had called the birth center by this point and they had said to just keep them updated but it didn't sound like I needed to come in quite yet. I was both relieved and disappointed. After we finished lunch, I went back to my office and called Hubby and told him that I was going to head home, just in case. I told the girls in the office, and my boss (who looked panicked that I was still sitting there...I think he was afraid my entire pregnancy that I was going to give birth in my desk chair) that I was going to go ahead and go home, so I finished up a few things and headed out around 1:00PM.

I called my mom and Hubby on the way home. Hubby was on his way to Wal-Mart to pick up a cooler to take the birth center (yeah...we probably should have purchased that before but oh well) and was going to meet me at home. Throughout both conversations, I started to get a few more contractions that were coming a little more frequently but nothing regular. I did have to stop talking a few times while driving so I could breath through them, and focus on not crashing. While the contractions were getting a little stronger, I still wasn't convinced that "this was it" because it wasn't completely awful.

I got home around 2:00PM and told Hubby to call the birth center. They typically want you to wait until the contractions are 5-1-1 (5 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, for 1 hour) until you come in, but since I had already been dilated (at a 4 at my last appointment) and we live about 45 minutes away (close to an hour or so with traffic) I didn't want to run out of time. They told us to go ahead and come on it, just in case, and Beverly our birth assistant told us to go ahead and hurry. I figured we still had time so Hubby loaded the car and called my mom while I jumped in the shower. He then hosed off and at 3:00PM, we pulled out of the driveway, just in time for me to get a fairly strong contraction. Shockingly enough I still wasn't nervous.

I went ahead and sent out my mass text to everyone that we were on our way, so all of the "good lucks" and "how exciting!" were good distractions as the contractions kept coming. We started to note the time and noticed that at this point they were coming about every 5 minutes. They started to get to the point where I needed to just close my eyes, grab Hubby's arm, and breath. This helped...A LOT. It wasn't constant pain, like I was being stabbed or something, it was just uncomfortable when I would get a contraction and back to normal between them.

As we got closer to the center, we hit traffic. Awesome. One of my fears. I didn't panic, just let Hubby handle it and before I knew it, at 4:00PM we were parking the car and headed inside. Beverly was there to meet us and took us into one of the birth rooms. She asked how things were going, noted when I had another contraction...and then another...and said that they were coming pretty close together. I continued to just breath through them but at this point, I did have to stop and lean over the bed to find a comfortable position until they passed. I said I wasn't sure this was it but was fairly certain and she said she would go ahead and check my progress to find out. Her eyes got a little bigger as she told me that I was dilated to between a 6 and a 7 and that we were not going home without a baby. She also said that she was fairly certain that we would have a baby before dinner time, specifically 6:00PM. I remember, well that is in 2 hours...and that is when I got a little nervous.

To be continued...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An update...finally!

Judging by my "Punkin Tracker", our little one is slightly overdue...well actually...on June 23rd (4 days before his due date actually), Parker Ace Holladay made his entrance into the world!

I plan on documenting our birth story and my birth experience...just need to find the time to sit down and do it. I promise it will be come though, hopefully sooner than later.

In the meantime, know that we are doing far sleeping well...and growing well and look for our story in the weeks to come!

Happy Baby!