Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I crazy?!

So my rents have been out of town the past couple of days visiting my aunt in NYC. Don't think you can come and rob their house though...they are already back so HA! We have had the pleasure of dog sitting.

Hubby was nice enough to go over in the evenings with me to let the dogs out one last time before bed. We of course took advantage of checking out all the TV channels that my rents have that we don't, and included in this delightful bundle was Starz. Now playing on Starz is the "kids" movie Bolt. I put kids in quotes becauses let's be honest with ourselves, who DOESN'T watch all those movies that are only meant for "kids". I know I do!

So anyways, we started watching on Saturday night, then a little bit on Sunday (I was falling asleep and therefore needed to get into bed ASAP), and finished it last night.

First of all, what a cute movie. Second, ummm I cried my stinking eyes out! There is a scene where Bolt rescues his friend Mittens (a stray cat) from an animal shelter than started it off, then one where Mittens is telling Bolt that her "person" just left her when they moved and she was lefting wondering "what she did wrong?" (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!), and the one that sealed the deal involved Bolt seeing his "person" acting a scene out with another dog in which she told him how much she loved him and missed him (Bolt did not know they were rehersing a scene). I had the full on cry shakes. The kind where your entire face turns red. The kind that leaves you a little embarassed!

Don't get me wrong, it was a great movie but man, am I a weirdo or something?!

Happy Tears!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Howdy Folks! Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

Hubby and I typically make it to the fair about every other year. This is just long enough for us to remember why we don't go every year and why it is so unfun. This year was our year to go and I am excited to say that it was actually fun, I am so glad we went, and I can't wait to go next year!

It was a spur of the moment decision to go this weekend because we realized that next weekend was not only the last weekend, but Texas vs OU weekend and let's be honest, my heart can't take that kind of stress.

We headed towards Fair Park around 1:30 and although it took us quite awhile (about 45 minutes) to find a place to park, we found a lot that looked legit, and there was more of a possibility that our car would be there when we got back. $30 later, we were officially enjoying the State Fair of Texas!

We checked out the 2010 Auto Show, the Food and Fiber Exhibit, and of course the Dancing Dog Show!

We even stopped and shared a corn dog! (The line for fried butter was literally 36 miles long...I was good.)

Borden brought their mascot. This is Elsie.

I wish I could have cownapped her. I think the dogs would love her and we have lots of grass that she could enjoy!

It started raining towards the end of our visit. Hubby wasn't sure what he wanted to try, but we finally decided to spend our last 14 tickets on a GIANT pickle (I have a picture but let's be honest...who wants to see me chowing down on that...) and...


I don't like cheesecake really BUT I can appreciate it for what it is. I tried it and I have to admit, it was pretty freaking delicious and a good portion size! No skimping here!

As we were checking out an exhibit on organic lawn care, we couldn't help but notice the 5 SUVs lead by motorcops and followed by screaming people with cameras. I happened to glance over and see a familar  hand hanging out the window...it was...OPRAH! I saw Oprah's hand people! I knew it was hers the minute I saw it. Based on this encounter, I feel that Oprah and I are pretty much BFF.

Okay okay...I heard rumors that her show was taping there...probably to show American how glutenous us Texans are with our fried butter! If I hadn't have known that, I don't know that I would have put two and two together. But regardless...Oprah and I are soul sisters at this point.

I am so glad Hubby and I went. It was fun to spend time with him, see lots of cute dogs "dance", and run in the rain with our GIANT pickle and fried cheesecake in tow.

Happy Fair Day!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Breakfast of Champions!

Yesterday morning Hubby and I debated on whether or not we should go out and grab some breakfast before heading to the State Fair. He had some work to do, so we decided to save money and I made waffles instead!

I laugh everytime I make waffles because the tiny waffle iron that I have, came with my mom's George Forman Grill and for some reason, I find that hilarious.

(pretend like you see sugar too please...)

Belgian Waffles
2 cups cake flour
1 T baking powder
1/4 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1/4 cup melted margarine
1 t vanilla

Preheat waffle iron.
In a large bowl, stir together dry ingredients. Make a well in the center and add the remaining ingredients. Stir until just combine, do not overmix. Batter should be lumpy.
Spray waffle iron with nonstick spray and pour in 1/4-1/2 cup per waffle.

I typically pour in a little less batter for my first waffle. They make for good taste testers!

This recipe makes about 10-12 waffles. Enough for breakfast as well as some leftovers!

So a quick tip if you don't have buttermilk on hand, which I didn't. To make 1 cup of buttermilk, simply add 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice to your empty measuring cup. Fill with milk to make 1 cup. For this recipe, it was only 1/2 cup therefore I did 1 1/2 teaspoons (because 3t = 1T) lemon juice to make 1/2 cup buttermilk. Let stand 5 minutes before using and there you go!

Why is the buttermilk so important? Well, just in case you were wondering, baking powder, unlike baking soda is a double leavening agent. Both are added to things to make them rise. Baking soda expands when exposed to heat, baking powder expands once when exposed to something acidic (the buttermilk) and again when exposed to heat. Feel free to share this with someone at your next cocktail party!

Try these waffles. They are delicious.

Happy Breakfast!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 pounds....edited...

So where this post stands, there used to be a post about wanting to lose 10 pounds. Thinking back...it was just one of those days. I instead should have focused on wanting to love myself for who I am...

I apologize.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An exciting day, sprinkled with a touch of fear!

So Monday...I had my first blog comment from someone I didn't know! It is an exciting day indeed!

Big shout out to The Provident Woman who, based on her blog, is big time, and I am honored that she stopped by my space! I am also excited to have another new blog to read!

I will say, when I first checked out her page, my first thought was that God was playing a mean joke on me.  She raises bees. WHAT!? Talk about brave!! No offense, Provident Woman, I am just freakishly afraid of them. Like to the point where I MIGHT have...

A. Let my shopping cart go in the middle of the Target parking lot
B. Called Hubby FRANTIC for his help when one landed on my Tide bottle. Since I was calling him, he was obviously not with me and therefore in no way able to actuallly aid in my situation
C. Ran screaming, with arms flapping, while working at a career fair (with my boss) when one flew by me

My fear is completely irrational as I have never been stung but I think at this point, it is just fear of the unknown.

By anyways, that is beside the point. People are actually reading this blog. When I say people, I mean you and 2 others that MIGHT be related to me. Regardless, thank you again to Provident Woman, you made my day!

Now go read her blog people!

Happy Bee Keeping!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Woof Woof

Some people may wonder why I am such a dog person. I will give you three good reasons...




Just in case you didn't catch it the first time, again....I said...




Okay, okay...ONE last time for those of you in the back...




That's why.

Happy Pooches!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I would say I am pretty much a baby shower expert at this point...

So I have been asked by more than one person to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pictures from the baby shower I hosted back in the middle of September. I have been lazy....I'm not going to lie...that is the main reason I haven't gotten around to it yet. I apologize.

First, some back story for those of you who may not know. I threw my very first baby shower for a friend who is due November 1st (27 days from today!). I was nervous. I wanted it to be perfect. Much like a bridal shower, I feel that there is a lot of responsibility that goes into them and I wanted Ashley's to be great!

It ended up a success and I even got a thank you card from her Grandmother! How sweet! Here is how the day panned out...

Although my cupcakes looked a bit more like George Washington than I intended, they were still pretty cute!

This is Ashley...and her baby bump!

The string game!

Opening presents. She got 2 of the same strollers!

I LOVED this little shirt! Ashley is in med school and I thought this looked just like scrubs!

More pink than they know what to do with!

A B-E-A-UTIFUL quilt her M.I.L Lynda (sitting to the left) made for them. AMAZING. It made me want to run out and buying a sewing machine and start quilting!

Posing with Peyton.

Despite the flash flooding going on outside, we had a great time and they got tons of cool stuff. All in all, I would deem it a success!

Happy Babies!

Friday, October 2, 2009

One of my new favorite shows

Fox debuted a new comedy this Fall. Glee...is it quite possibly my new favorite show for a number of reasons:

1. It is about show choir (which I am proud to say I was apart of in HS)
2. It has singing and dancing...hence being about show choir
3. It has moments like these...


(This video was deleted from You Tube. Copy Right infringment...really Fox?! Come on!) Google Glee and "Bust the Windows". I promise you will love it.


Happy Head Bobbing!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hotel Rooms

I dont know what it is but for some reason, I am just not a fan of hotel rooms. All I can think about it the hundreds of people that have shared this space before me. Dirty feet on the floor, stinky bodies in the bed, and unwashed hands touching the remote (which I believe was found to be the dirtiest thing in hotel rooms....even more so than the toliet). I just have to force myself to not think about it otherwise I will end up sleeping standing up in the clothes cupboard....

Happy Sleeping!