Thursday, July 2, 2009


That's right...two posts in one day...I think I'm becoming obsessed...OR I think that people actually care about my silly little life...either way, here it goes!

So for those who don't know...I like to cook. Well...I am working on the cooking but I LOVE to bake (see cake decorating post). I started watching/learning from the Food Network in high school and since then, I have been hooked.

Well when hubby and I found our new home in the summer of 2007, I was STOKED when we walked in and found that the kitchen had a DOUBLE OVEN! WOO HOO! This really was meant to be! Well upon moving in and some further investigating...I realized that not only was the 1980s oven NOT a double oven, it was gas, an oven on top and a broiler, death trap thing on the bottom! Damn!

Now let me stop right there...don't get me wrong, I am grateful for all the gifts that God has given us and I am nothing but grateful for the roof over our head and just a warm place to sleep at night BUT the oven was tiny, old, cooked unevenly, and was just a piece of crap. It is kind of like saying, "Oh...your passion is painting? Okay, well make due with these pencils!" Sure, you can make it work, but it doesn't mean you wont bitch about it every step of the way!


Well any forward to last weekend when hubby took a road trip to Fort Worth to the Habitat for Humanity Restore off River Oaks This place is really neat. You can donate house stuff such as appliances, cabinets, light fixtures, even door knobs, and they will sell them and use that money to buy new stuff to build the Habitat houses. VERY cool.

Well...because Whirlpool donates all the appliances for new Habitat homes that are built, they had donated a bunch of ovens to this Restore location. (Hubby thinks they are changing the look or model or something) He just happened to pop in and find an oven/microwave combo, the TOP OF THE LINE PEOPLE, for ummm about $2000 cheaper than what it would sell retail! It was one of those deals that we just COULD NOT pass up. So...we got it! YAY!

Last Sunday I cooked my final "creation" in it. A carrot cake for my mom's birthday! I can't think of anything better for my final rodeo!

And then it got yanked!
I did a little dance...I'm not even going to lie about it.

Tuesday called for more power tools to widen the hole for the new oven. It involved wood cutting, dry wall cutting, and was messy, I'll leave it at that.

And yesterday was the install day! YAY...ish. Turns out due to its electrical needs, we needed a new electrical service panel in the garage and outside and new breakers and blah blah blah...I wont bore you with the details. BOO!

BUT they came back and...hold you of 3:00PM today....

I could practically fit inside there!!

I already made cookies!
(and I didn't even have to turn them half way through...I teared up a little!)

I am elated and so so happy!

Happy Cooking!

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Leslie said...

I did a little happy dance for you tonight!!! I'm so excited for you! I can't imagine doing someone's makeup with crayons. The old oven just wasn't right!! Happy baking/cooking! :)