Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Well...I am back from Utah and what can I say, I ended up having a really good time. I was nervous honestly. I don't spend that much time in close quarters with my parents anymore, not without hubby anyways, but it ended up being a good time and I am glad I went.

Now for pictures because I know you are just DYING to see Utah!

Well as I mentioned before, our first stop was to Target...which again, I find HILARIOUS that I went all the way to Utah to go to 4...yes...4 different Targets! I found this SO funny that I snapped a picture of my mom and aunt!

We also visited both sets of grandparents...

and saw a mule deer in the cemetery!

Most of the vacation went spent around where we were gonna eat next...and let's be honest with ourselves, what good vacation isn't!

We ate at a Mexican (if you can call it that...) restaurant that had divers, real people diving off cliffs, every 30 minutes in the middle of the restaurant. The lighting was terrible so none of those pictures turned out. : (

This cute little sea food place where my aunt was trying to hook her son up with our adorable Russian waitress.

And this diner in the middle of no where that was inside a renovated 1930s diner. Had a rockin' chicken sandwich too, so it wasn't just atmosphere you were paying for!

The weather was amazing, the mountains were incredibly green, and this was the wedding that we went to (the purpose for the trip).

I mean come that scenery even real?!

Oh but...most of our trip was spent gushing over my aunt's adorable dogs...

Look at those faces!

All in all, a joy of a vacation!

Happy Travels!

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