Monday, July 6, 2009

My Martha Weekend

So not only did I make peanut butter cookies and from scratch mac & cheese, I also began scrap booking our wedding. FINALLY! I got the house cleaned and ready for the M.I.L on Saturday, hubby was working Sunday, so that left me with a little bit of free time!

I had a cardboard box in the office looming...staring...gawking at me...full of wedding cards, pieces of ribbon, plane tickets from the honeymoon. All sorts of crap...I started the afternoon by digging.

In the process I found a $50 Lowe's gift card and a $50 Visa gift card! AWESOME! Turns out those gift credit cards do expire...and ours expired in May. Boo! Serves me right for waiting almost 2 years to go through everything again. Oh well. Hubby was excited about the Lowe's GC!

After about 2 hours I had only 3 pages done...BUT I felt accomplished. I took my time, planned my pages, and then ended up really cute! I even incorporated ribbon from one of our gifts to border one of the pages....awww (*gags*). Although I have TONS of supplies, and cutters, and stickers, and paper, and blah blah blah...I am embarrassed to say that this was the first actually scrap booking for a book that I have done. But now I'm hooked. I have popped the cherry kids and there is no stopping me now!

Happy Memories!

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