Friday, July 10, 2009

Utah...Day Three

Well I have survived another day. I have seen all my grandparents (pictures to come), went to 2 more Targets (found the shoes!!), and went to a rehearsal dinner for my God sister.

Her soon to be mother in law is the CEO of the Utah chapter of Make A Wish, so their rehearsal dinner was held at their facility. WOW! What an awesome experience. She has taken the wishing process to a whole new level and made it such a neat experience for everyone involved. We were privileged enough to see the "wishing room" and I tell you, it was a spiritual experience.

Other than that, I started another book today and so far, I am enthralled.

My aunt, mom, and I drove around a lot today. They looked at all the sites and how much has changed in the city over the past years. I don't remember how things were before, so I read my book and made the occasional "mmhmm" and "oh yeah". Good times.

We has eaten a lot...some places good, some places not so good. One restaurant even involved cliff divers INSIDE the restaurant!! SERIOUSLY!!

Overall the trip has involved a lot of cocktails, which is never a bad thing, reading, and family time. I was dreading it honestly, but I am quick to admit that it hasn't been that bad. Our family is small, I need to spend more time cherishing every last moment...

Happy Cocktails (for Utah no less!)!

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