Friday, November 20, 2009

There's a baby in there!

On Sunday, I will be 9 weeks! Right around where I thought I was!

Athough he/she is just a floating gummy bear...we love him/her already! It was an amazing site when the sonogram tech turned on the dopplar and Hubby and I heard the heartbeat and watcheed it beat at the same time. Wow...I still just can't believe it! We are going to be parents...

Happy Gummies!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A GREAT phone call!

So I just received a phone call from the ADORABLE receptionist/blood taker/I do everything girl at the birth center. And although they did not have all the results back from the FOUR tubes of blood they took yesterday, they did get my hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) levels back...aka the preggers hormones (these are what give you a positive home pregnacny test)...and they are VERY high! 150,245 to be exact! She said that is right in line with where we think I am gestationally AND it is very surprising that I don't feel sick because most people would at this point! I am keeping my fingers crossed that things continue this way!

I am so glad she called because despite all the at home tests I have done (I plead the 5th on how many I have ACTUALLY taken) and despite Hubby constantly reassuring me that I am infact pregnant, I was disappointed and kind of worried when we couldn't hear the heartbeat yesterday. The phone call made my day and I just can't wait until tomorrow! I will keep you posted and maybe we will even have a picture!

Happy Hormones!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Appointment!

Hubby and I had our first official appointment at the birth center!

We met with Cherie (one of the two midwives) at 2:00PM this afternoon. She asked lots of questions, took some blood (A LOT of blood actually), and tried to hear the heart beat. She was not able to hear anything but she said that it is a little early AND she is not quite sure how far along I actually am! We are scheduled for a sonogram on Thursday afternoon, so hopefully we will find out then (and get to see the heart beat!).

She was surprised to hear that I had decided on using a midwife before I was even pregnant and I was excited to tell her that my mind had been made up since the age of 18 and I just had a really patient and understanding husband!

I was disappointed about the heartbeat but I am looking forward to Thursday! Maybe then, it will seem a little more real!

Regardless, we are both pretty excited!

Happy Baby!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday Wedding!

Before I was married I enjoyed weddings. Granted most of the time I was jealous and wondering when it was going to be MY day, but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Especially for the cake!

Now that I am married on the other hand, I LOVE them and I cry during the ceremony EVERY SINGLE TIME. It doesn't matter who is getting married, where the ceremony is being held, how cute the ring bearer is, or how pretty (or not pretty) the flowers are.

They remind me of how absolutely in love with my Hubby I am. They remind me of how lucky I am. And they remind me that I can't imagine waking up to anyone else for the rest of my life. He makes me a better person, we are a great team, and I am so happy to share my life with him.

Hubby and I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday for a friend of mine that I used to work with. They have been together for awhile and it was such a special day and I was so happy to be apart of it! I wish I had some pictures but of course I kept forgetting. She looked beautiful of course. The chapel where they got married was amazing and their reception was loads of fun! They are now in Mexico sipping cocktails on the beach and I am not jealous one bit...okay maybe a little...

Happy Marriage!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I have read on every blog and website out there that the typical first sign of pregnancy are the sore ta-tas. Well apparently mine have not gotten the memo BUT my face has....

I have not had zits like this EVER! My skin kinda freaked out a little when I got off the BC pill, which I expected since some people go on it to help acne but since little punkin has taken up a residence in my uterus, my face has exploded like I was a 14 year old closet chocolate's bad people. GIANT, red, sore, deep zits that can't be popped. SICK!

The rough can't put medicine on them. I plan on taking pictures of my face with no make-up to include in the baby book and show our little punkin how much I put up with him/her.

I have however found a somewhat helpful natural remedy! Chamomile tea bags! Make the tea like you were going to drink it. Drink it if you prefer, I dont like tea so mine goes down the drain, and then while the tea bag is still hot, put it on your zits! It doesnt make them go away instantly but it helps take the puffiness out, makes them less sore, and helps them get to the point where you can pop them if that is your thing.

I still have to wear makeup like no one's business BUT it has helped! YAY! Regardless of the acne, I'll take it for the reward!

Happy Puberty!

Monday, November 9, 2009

First of Many

Saturday was the first of many events to come over the next couple of weeks. The owner of the company that I work for, his son is getting married in May of next year and Saturday was their Engagement Shower/Party.

I ended up borrowing a dress from a friend that worked out great (I rocked the white legs with confidence...kinda). It was super cute and fit well. I was so grateful I didn't have to go out and buy anything.

The party was held in the owner's home and it was just beautiful. My M.I.L. would have been in heaven. Their house is decorated beautiful, their kitchen is amazing, and the party was decorated to fit the "fiesta" theme so there were fajitas, colored blankets, and decorations everywhere.

Despite my inability to enjoy the margarita machine, Hubby and I had a good time and he looked SUPER cute! We didn't stay out too late because I didn't want to turn into a pumpkin, but it was nice to get out and enjoy some time together.

Happy Fiesta!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Busy Months Ahead

I don't really fancy myself as one of those people that is "so busy ALL the time". Hubby and I are honestly very boring and typically just go with the flow when it comes to plans...shocking I know considering my obsession with knowing what is going on and what is to come. (I have been known to tell him my entire day's plan while he lays in bed and just stares at me...for some reason, it makes me feel better that he knows what is going on.)

Well...that is definitlely not the case for the next couple of months. We have something planned pretty much every weekend until Christmas! Most of the events take place on Saturday so at least we will have Sunday to recover but I am just not used to this!

I will be sure to update you on all our is going to be a whirlwind and I fear Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye!

Happy Fall!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Rice Krispy Treats!

So I know I am a little late but I just can't resist sharing these.

Hubby and I were invited to a Halloween party last Friday night by our neighbors a couple of houses down. Adorable couple, about our age, expecting their first baby in January! I was so excited to tell them about our little punkin because hopefully our kids will grow up together!

Anywho...they invited us to their shin-dig and I just can't show up to a party empty handed. I have had a WICKED crazy craving for rice krispy treats lately. So bad that I actually already had all the stuff I needed in the pantry!

On Thursday I made one cookie sheet of regular treats and one sheet of chocolate (Cocoa Krispies). I doubled the recipe for them to make sure I had enough. I stacked them on top of each other with plastic wrap in between and put another cookie sheet on top and weighted it down with cans...just to make sure they were good and compacted.

Then on Friday, I used Halloween cookie cutters to cut out ghosts and pumpkins from the regular ones and hats, cats, and bats (HA!) from the chocolate. I was planning on decorating them (with my homemade buttercream but you can definitely just use store bought icing) all but I got tired after the hats and pumpkins...and the bats were a pain in the butt so...

I think they turned out super cute and can be done for any holiday depending on your cookie cutters! So easy and fun you should try them!

Happy Belated Halloween!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My beef with Daylight Savings Time ending...

So I have always been really confused about the whole Daylight Savings Time thing. I am just going to put it out there. I dont understand why we gain an hour or loose an hour or how that really even works. I dont understand why Arizona doesn't participate. The whole thing is one by mystery that I just go along with.

Here is my beef, if Daylight Savings Time just ended, if we are back on normal time...who in the world is okay with it being dark at 6:30PM! I have things to do people. I have dinner to cook, dog poop to pick up, walks to go on, and I can not do any of this when I am ready to climb into bed by 7:00PM!

I say we protest! BRING BACK DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! I am fine with going to work in the dark, in fact I can see better and don't have the sun in my eyes (I work to the east) of our house. I like it better in fact.

I know I will get used to it but for some reason, I am much more passionate about the whole thing this go around...maybe it's the punkin...I'm sure it is. : )

Happy Darkness!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cotton Anniversary

So throughout all the excitment, Hubby and I had our 2nd wedding anniversary on 10/21/2009. We have tried to keep with the traditional wedding gifts (by tried I mean this year and last year). You know first year is paper, second year cotton, third year leather, thirty year shotgun. Well seeing as we didn't make too big of a deal out of our anniversary last year, I decided to go low key and bought him a pair of jeans that he needed. I didn't even wrap them, just handed them to him, said "look, cotton...happy anniversary", and threw them in the wash.

Well apparently he had other plans and when I came home from work that day, sitting on the kitchen table were flowers and two boxes, one of which had a scarf wrapped around it like a bow! WHAT?! Adorable! So I of course asked if I could open them immediately! The small one first. A linen reed diffuser. Get cute! The big box...

a sewing machine! I have wanted one for a long time and I could not believe he surprised me like that! I was floored. We went out to dinner that night and then made a pit stop at JoAnn's on our way home. I decided my first project was going to be a Halloween costume for Bailey.

She was going to be a bunny.

After ten days of Hubby reminding me that Halloween was just around the corner, it was finished. She looked a bit more like piglet (I think because of the ears) but still adorable. I was so proud of myself because I was thinking the legs would be all crazy and uneven and it wouldn't fit her at all. Deep down, I think she felt pretty.

Before the ears went on. She hates the flash.

With the ears.

She of course hated every minute of it but we did bring her out on Halloween night and people got a kick out of it. Nothing like getting barked at by a 75 pound bunny/pig thing. So cute. She was such a good sport.

I haven't decided what my next project will be. I will keep you posted. HA...get it...posted. Lame...sorry.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Exciting News! sure has been awhile...let me catch you up to speed.

After 6 years, Hubby and I finally started talking about rug rats. We didn't tell many people but I went off the BC over the summer and we were going to start trying in January of 2010. Well because I am crazy and a major planner, we decided that it would be better for both of our sanities if instead of waiting to start trying, we just didn't prevent things...if you know what I mean. Well...

Tuesday 10/13/2009

Negative test

Thursday 10/15/2009

Hubby and I went to a Mavs game

thanks to my boss giving us his preseason tickets. I was feeling fine but when we got home, I can't really explain it, I was just feeling bleh. Kinda sick to my stomach and just kind of gross all around. I decided to take a test just to see (becasue I am certifiably crazy). At 10:30PM I saw two pink lines. One was definitely lighter than the other so I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. I immediately ran upstairs and googled "pictures of positive tests". Turns out there is a website devoted to just such a thing...WHO KNEW! I took a picture, sent it to a friend who JUST had a baby (like on 10/30/2009) and texted her for help. I handed it to Hubby and asked if that looked like two lines to him and  he replied with "no, I don't see two lines"...sensitive, I know. I went to bed, kinda freaking out but realizing there was nothing I could but wait. It was at this point though that I read in "What to Expect" that any line equals positive because it is picking up on the hormone. How I was able to sleep, I have no idea.

Friday 10/16/2009

Took another test first thing in the morning...again...two lines. Finished up a work convention that I was attending and stopped by Target on my way home and bought two different types of tests. I went home and immediately took another one, this time a digital. I waited the two minutes that the box said, closed my eyes, and looked at the test...

Well, it was official. Hubby and I decided that we should be cautiously optimitic but we still wanted to share the good news with everyone! We called his mom, I called Jamie, and I told Wendy that night. I know, I know...what about MY parents...I knew I was seeing them the next day and this was something I wanted to say in person.

Saturday 10/17/2009

6:00AM - I arrived at my parents house to take them to the airport...they were headed to NYC. My mom was still getting ready in their bathroom, but my dad walked in to grab his bag and I told them that I had a picture to show them real quick (that morning, before heading to their house, I printed off the picture of the positive test). I handed it to my dad, who looked like he had stuff to get done, and he stopped in his tracks. He looked at me and said "is this yours?!" and my mom looked shocked and said "oh my gosh!". My dad got tears in his eyes, which made me cry of course, and they both gave me the biggest hugs! They were so excited.

The remainder of the day, I called Hubby and I's aunts to let them know the good news. We also told some friends that night. We decided to stop there until I made an appointment with the midwife, then we would tell the rest of our friends and people at work.

Sunday 10/18/2009

Took one more test...just in case...positive! I am officially 5 weeks and due (according to What to Expect's website) June 27th - 2010.

Monday 10/19/2009

Took one more test in the evening because I really can't wrap my mind around the fact that I have a baby growing inside me. I feel fine, normal in fact. Other than having to pee a lot but I was that way before so I don't know if it is related. I know I am still REALLY early on but I just can't believe it. I made my first appointment with the Birth Center (more info on this to come), Nov 13th. I think I will scream it from the mountain tops after that appointment! I just can't wait to tell everyone!

Monday 11/2/2009

So as of today, we have told pretty much everyone, we just couldn't resist. We are both so excited that we want everyone to get to share in those emotions! As of yesterday, according to WTE I am 7 weeks. Crazy. I am still feeling good. Tired and sometimes a little bleh to my stomach but overall, feeling great! Still can't believe it. To date I have taken 9 home pregnancy tests and had blood taken at the Birth Center to confirm. It is just to wild and happened so quick, it just doesnt feel real. I am taking good care of myself and plan to go through this journey with everyone, so get ready!

Happy Baby!