Thursday, July 9, 2009

Utah...Day Two

Well kids, I am venturing on day two of my Salt Lake City "vacation". We are in town to see family and for my God sister's (who I have not seen in hmmm roughly 10 years) wedding. Last night was spent on my aunt's deck drinking margaritas....ahhhh....can't much complain about that.

PS...For those interested, here is my margarita recipe if you are a fan of frozen. They are no fail.

In blender dump:
1 small or half large can of frozen limeade concentrate (Wal Mart brand is just fine)
1 small or half large can (using the limeade can) of tequila (anything but Jose Quervo...I prefer Sauza...YUM!)
Fill blender with ice
Blend until your blender is having trouble and sounds like it is about to explode.
Open lid and start adding Triple Sec.
Blend until smooth...smooth...smooth.

Pour into glasses and make some new friends OR stick straw directly in blender and proceed to a drunkin' stupper.

So far the trip has been filled with a trip to 2 different Super Targets (which is hilarious in itself) on the hunt for these shoes, which I might just have to buy online. It becomes an obsession once I find something that I want....hubby is a prime example. (who PS conveniently had to work this trip...mmhmm)

The evening ended with Asian Chicken Salad (recipe to come later) and the movie Twilight....which wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. At least we got it out of the way early on in the trip. My aunt...God love obsessed.

This morning involved driving around looking at my parent's first house together, the house I was born into, and the last house we lived in before moving South to Arizona. Good memories for my parents, I was too young to remember, so I read the BEST book while they attempted to remember how to get around in this city.

This book has inspired much so that I promptly bought a new cookbook at a used bookstore we stopped by....

My wheels are turning wheels are turning....more to come on that later.

All in all, so far, so good. My parents aren't annoying me TOO much yet (probably because of the margaritas) is only day two.

More to come, as well as pictures!

Happy Mormons!

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Leslie said...

"Happy Mormons", haha! You are hilarious my friend! Have a great time and can't wait to see pictures! :)