Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Princess

Our computer crapped out on us awhile back and our awesome neighbor helped us fix it. When he did, we got a window upgrade. With that, Hubby turned on this neat feature that instead of having one constant background, it scrolls through all your pictures! So cool! Often times Hubby and I will just get distracted looking at the pictures and "ohhhing and ahhhing" over memories and how old I look now!

This picture popped up the other day. I felt the world needed to see it. She is just about the cutest thing ever, let's be honest with ourselves.

And yes, for those of you paying attention, those are the stairs that Hubby built.

Happy Vegas!

1 comment:

Jenilee said...

OMG I love it!!!!

I have the same thing on my laptop (the background thing) and I love it!!!! <3