Friday, May 21, 2010


So my bestie totally threw me the most rockin' baby shower EVER last Sunday. I mean she out did herself. Frankly I am already stressing and thinking I need to start planning for HER shower even though she isn't even pregnant yet!

She had a book theme, so everyone was asked on their invitation to bring their favorite childhood book. Such a neat idea! We got so many amazing books!

When you walked in, she had tables set up with food and sweet treats, and each dish was themed around a book!
We had nachos for "Nacho the Party Puppy" and chili cheesecake for "Chilies for Benito".

"I Eat Vegetables" for veggies with hummus dip and "A is for Salad" for Cobb salad!


For dessert, we had...
"Cupcake" with cupcakes of course!

And a Candy Bar (what?!) for "The Yum-Yum House". She knows me too well!!

One of our gifts from Jamie was a bookshelf to put all the books on! AWESOME! It matches the room perfectly and is just what we needed!!

For activities we played two games, and she had tables set up for everyone to decorate onesies for "Punkin"!

So cute! I cant wait to put him in them and take his picture and send them to everyone!
Everyone was so creative!!

My mother-in-law also had this AMAZING diaper cake made for us. I have never seen anything like it. When Hubby and I took it apart, stuff just kept appearing! So cute and SO thoughtful!

Then it was time to upwrap gifts, which makes me SUPER uncomfortable because I never feel like I am grateful enough. I am...I SO am...I just dont feel like I show it in the best ways sometimes. I know people would think I was a bit strange if after every pair of mittens or after every onesie I screamed with delight and ran up and gave them a hug BUT still...being the center of attention and knowing that people spent money on us is less than ideal for me BUT that being said, we got a lot of amazing things for "Punkin" and we are seriously, SERIOUSLY blessed.

For me though, the star of the show was our honorary niece making an appearence.

I mean COME ON! I cant even handle how freaking cute she is!! Her mom, Ashley is going to be a doctor. She is pretty much amazing and has a blog now, you should read it! Mom, M.D. Oh and that is Christina holding her by the way, another amazing friend of mine!

The shower was incredible. More than I could have EVER imagined. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that love us and our little one!

Happy Shower!


Ashley Mc said...

Awww, look at my sweet little girl! We had a good time and I definitely ate 2 of those cupcakes....yum.
I can't believe it's almost "D" day!!! D=delivery :)

Leslie said...

CUte, CUte!! Such a creative, fun shower!! I'm so glad you were spoiled!! :) Yay baby!

elspeterson said...

That was a wonderful shower. I really like the theme. Enjoy your last few months. Your life is about to change FOREVER.

Love you, Eddy Lou