Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handy Husband

Sometimes I think I take my handy hubby for granted. I just assume that all men are born with the ability to build a table and chair set out of Popsicle sticks and glue....

I always thought my dad was handy when I was younger...as I get older, I have come to realize that I think he just liked all the "toys". Don't get me wrong, he is handy...to an extent, be he has no problem handing off the task/issue/exploding pipe to the professionals.

My husband on the other hand, likes to figure things out. When we moved into our first house, I decided I didn't like the faucets in our bathrooms and we needed new, more up-to-date ones. He said no problem and let me pick out exactly what I wanted. As he is crawling under the cabinet in our bathroom with a wrench in hand, and instructions thrown to the side, I politely asked him..."so you have done this before, right?". From the hole now gawping from our counter top, I hear "nope, but I will figure it out!". This confirmed my ever growing love.

Oh yeah...and he installed the tile too. Not bragging...just sayin'! : )

Then there was this project when we decided he wanted to replace our rat infested (seriously...there were nests...SICK) railroad ties with a stone wall...
BEFORE (during demolition)
(Obviously it didn't take him that long, but this gives you an idea of the work he had cut out for him. Each one of those stone/brick things weighs like 80 pounds...we had 2 pallets...I supervised and supplied the lemonade.)

What is the point of this post you ask, well let me just get down to it. My parents recently (as of yesterday) took over ownership of our hot tub (aka they got it out of our backyard...thank GOD). We have two sets of usable steps (that you use to get in and out of the hot tub) left that are currently being utilized by the dogs to get up and down The Great Wall of Holladay. I told my adorable husband that we would need to soon part with at least one set to give to my parents. He protested saying that the dogs needed them, and while I agreed 100%, I just couldn't bear the phone call from my dad saying that my mother pulled a groin muscle trying to hoist herself in and out of the hot tub because she didn't have these exact steps.

After some bickering back and forth, I dropped the discussion. You can imagine my surprise when I came home from work to find my husband building...YES LADIES, I SAID BUILDING...a new set of steps.

Nothing like the smell of sawdust on a warm, Texas afternoon.

I proceed to watch him build these steps and I was just in awe. He had looked at the others, figured a plan, bought the wood needed, and began to construct all in about an hour. Amazing.

And yes, he is still wearing his work clothes!

And after about 30 minutes...

I had a brand new set of steps...

or I guess I should say, Vegas has a brand new set of steps!

Signing Off to give my hubby some sugar! Happy Building!

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