Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bradley Class - Class Two (Part Two)

Class two is also when we discussed writing our birth plan. For those of you not familiar, a birth plan is basically a written out plan of what you want to happen (or not happen) during your baby's birth. This doesnt necessarily mean:

9:00AM - ice chips given
9: 15AM - contraction
9:30AM - baby born

It is more things like:
  • I want these people [insert names here] present during the labor only
  • I do not want any meds whatsoever
  • I only want meds when I have discussed them in length with the doctor and my husband or partner
  • When I am screaming "GIVE ME DRUGS!!!!", please give me drugs
Those kind of things. Everyone who will be present at or apart of your labor should have a copy of the birth plan. Does having a birth plan mean you cant change your mind the day of...ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is not a contact, this is not set in stone, and this is something you are writing to have your desires known prior, not necessarily what you will want the day of.

Some people think they are silly and/or pointless but I look at it as if people dont know what you want, how can they help you achieve the birth you desire.

Hubby and I are working on ours now. I havent decided if I am going to share it with the world. I dont know that everyone REALLY wants to know my plans and expectations or even needs to visual my lady bits. Enough said.

Oh and it was also during this class that I cried during relaxation. I wish I could find what our Bradley coach read to us, it was really amazing but it just talked about relaxing the muscles and helped you invision everything relaxing and then it talked about actually pushing the baby out and how exciting of a moment that is and how this is what you and your husband (or partner) have been waiting for and this is the start to a new chapter in your life. *Sniff Sniff. Just thinking about it makes me teary. I am just so excited and ready for this event. Although we have been a family for quite awhile now, I am ready for this next stage and I can not wait to see what an amazing father Hubby is!

Happy Birthing!

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