Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bradley Class - Class Four

This class was all about review. We reviewed the stages of labor, techniques to keep you calm and help you through labor and honestly, it was in this class that I really thought....you know what, I can do this! It is all about working with your body, not against and it was also when I had a lightbulb moment and really understood and grasped the Bradley Method!

Relaxation is KEY!

An engaged and supportive coach are also crucial but relaxation is where it is at. It is so important to practice this before too because while you can talk about relaxing all you want, think about all that goes on mentally and physcially during labor...the chances of you being relaxed without really working at are slim to none. Practice alone, practice with your coach, practice often and practice for real. Dont just go through the motions. Really try and think about what labor will be like and what you will be and what you should be thinking about. If you practice before hand, it will help it become more automatic and routine when that time actually comes!

Happy Birthing!


Jenilee said...

Love it!!! Love all of it! You're going to do great!!!

Leslie said...

You will do great!! I can't wait to see that little boy! :) :)