Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bradley Classes - Class One

The Bradley Method is broken down into 12 classes. Our instructor has formatted her classes to be 5 classes, we just cover more information per classes.

Class One was focused on the importance of nutrition and exercise throughout your pregnancy. Not only is good nutrition imperative for the baby's development but it helps keep mom healthy too! We also started working on relaxation techniques with our partners (insert Hubby) and solo relaxation techniques as well.

One thing that is SUPER important during pregnancy is protein. PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN. During pregnancy, you should be working to get at least 75-80 grams of protein a day. WHAT?! I know...that is a lot, right?! I thought I was doing so good until I started actually writing them down and then I realized I was seriously lacking in that department. Dairy/Milk products, eggs, and meat are some of the main areas where you can get it. I have also developed a rockin recipe for a smoothie:

1 small container strawberry Greek Yogurt (yoplait makes flavored ones now...yum)
1-2 cup frozen peaches
1 scoop protein powder (I got an egg white one at a health food store...23 grams of protein per scoop)
Orange Juice
A few ice cubes

Blend to taste and add more juice if it is still a little chalky.

We also learned a few exercises that you can do to get your body ready for labor.

Tailor Sitting - sitting "Indian style". (I apologize for offending anyone...I am not sure what the kids are calling it these days)
Squatting - pretty self explanatory (this helps opens the pelvis and is also a good technique to give birth in...just saying...HELLO GRAVITY)
Pelvic Rocking - get on all fours and arch your back and then relax, allowing your pelvis to rock forward. ROCKIN!
Butterfly - sit with your back against a wall and your knees up and feet together. Push your knees out against your partner's hands.
Kegels - enough said ladies...enough said.
Side Relaxation and Sleep Position - also pretty self explanatory and pretty much my favorite technique.

Bradley Method also focuses on teaching your partner or birth coach how to help you relax. This is the best part. I get to lay there and relax and Hubby has to massage me. Ummm YES PLEASE!

Our instructor says it is important to practice so when you are in actual labor, those instincts come back. I make Hubby rub me down nightly. It's for the baby!

Happy Baby!


Jenilee said...

I love reading about your journey!! =) It makes me feel like I'm there even though I'm 1900 miles away =(

The smoothie sounds tasty!!! Even for us non-pregnant types! Yummy! Have one for me too!!!! (Extra protein for you and baby!! teehee)

(I think it's still called Indian Style... At least I hope it is. That's what I call it still!!!)

Leslie said...

Lol...this entire post cracked me up! I'm pretty sure that wasn't the point, but it did. However, it was also very interesting and I will soooo be trying out the smoothie recipe soon! Oh, and I love me some protein, it pretty much rocks. :)