Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bradley Class - Class Three

I know, I know...a lot about babies and Bradley this week...just trying to catch y'all up! Tonight is actually class five and our last class!!

By anyways...class three discussed a lot of "what ifs" and how to be okay with them.
  • What if I am overdue?
  • What if the baby is breech?
  • What if labor is taking longer than expected?
  • What if it is taking less time than expected?
Basically all of those things that you should THINK about but not worry about.

We also discussed a lot about c-sections. Why they may be necessary. Why they shouldn't always be seen as the worst choice. And why if you have to have one, it doesn't mean you are a bad mother. It was good class to just get you thinking and to help us write our birth plan even more.

While this was supposed to be in Class Two, this was also the class that we watched a video, cerca 1982, of an actual birth and where the couple is using the Bradley method. I wont go into details but Ouch? Is it too take to change my mind about wanting a baby? Eek! I just have to stop thinking about it or...I might cry.

If you want a more positive and less...ummm...close up view of birth, I HIGHLY recommend the documentary "The Business of Being Born". It was made by Ricky Lake (yep...same one..."GO RICKY, GO RICKY") and although it is definitely leaning towards the side of natural birth, it is really great and makes labor look a little less...ummm...close up. Enough said.

Happy Birthing!

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Jenilee said...

Yes. I accidentally saw a live birth on some TV show .... or something ... OH NO! It was in a women's health class in college. Yes yes, she forgot it was in there. hahahaha. YIKES. Way to forget. Ummmmm wasn't prepared. scared me from babies for awhile!!

But it's a BEAUTIFUL thing and you're such an amazing and strong lady and I can't wait to see the little guy!! =)