Monday, June 15, 2009

True Blood

Well last night was filled with a dinner of:

salad and grilled chicken covered with heirloom tomatoes...

wish it could have tasted better...but oh well! The season premier of

made up for it! WOW...WOW...WOW! This show is out of this world, and not just because its unrealistic and complete and total fantasy...but it is written well, casted well, and acted well. The characters are so dynamic,
even down to poor little Jason Stackhouse .

Spoiler alert!

Last night's episode started right where last season left off. Crazy voo-doo lady was the owner of the the painted toenails found in Andy's car...didn't see that one coming, we are starting to see why Sam was so freaked out by the crazy lady who has befriended Tara (what is her deal?!), and Sookie and Bill finally confessed their love to each other...followed by a pretty hot and heavy love scene! Wow...thank God for HBO!

Kind of hoping this season does take a flying leap and "jump the shark" if you will, like Season 2 of Heros did. The crazy shaking lady, and the recently discovered dungeon under Fangtasia have the potential to take it there, but I am crossing my fingers that it will all iron out.

This show is nothing but greatness, and if you aren't watching, you should be. PS...if you don't have HBO, they have all the episodes for free online. YAY for free stuff!

Watch it, love it, bleed it! (just go with the cheesiness, okay!)

Signing off! Happy Watching!

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