Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cake Class

Well...I officially hosted my first cake "class" and I think it went pretty stinkin' well! Everyone seemed to learn something and we all had loads of fun! We have decided to meet again for either a sewing, make-up, or art lesson, so hopefully more Fun Days will follow!

The morning started with me setting up the kitchen, getting the icing made, baking muffins, and cutting fruit.

Bailey supervised.

Once everyone arrived, we strapped on my hodge-podge aprons and got to work!

I gave a quick lesson on baking tips, tools and tricks, and taught everyone the trick to making my Buttercream Icing (hint: it's margarine)!

Once our cakes were leveled and on our decorative was time to start icing! I have recently discovered a new icing technique (thanks to this lady so I went over that and we got to smoothing.

Everyone was meticulous and aimed for perfection! : )

Once everyone's cake was perfect...

we were ready to start the fun part! Decorating!!

Jessica, our artist, was making an adorable portrait of Kujo, the dog!

Jennifer was going 100% girlie with her creation! I'm sure her daughter was her inspiration!

And Leslie took inspiration from one of my oven mitts!


And then I laid down to rest for just a second...

(Bubba and Bailey did too)

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Leslie said...

Cutest post EVER! How fun!! Thank you so much for your time and energy that you put in the class! I learned so much and can't wait to decorate more cakes in the future! You are so sweet to take care of all of us like that! Love the blog!