Saturday, June 27, 2009

So far, So good!

Well, this weekend has started off pretty stinkin' good! Woke up WAY too early and went out a bike ride...WHAT?! I know...don't be jealous! Well...I haven't been in awhile so...I lasted for about 20 minutes. Oh well, try again tomorrow!

Then I baked my final "creation" in my oven. It was my mom's birthday cake...awww...carrot cake...YUM! More about that and MY NEW OVEN later!

Shawn called to tell me a package had arrived for me and he had forgotten to tell me about it. he surprising me?! Did he buy me something sweet?! he didn't...BUT I did receive my replacement nail polish for OPI....I'm good with that!

So I finally splurged and bought a bottle of OPI nail polish...$8.00...geesh. BUT it was gorgeous and I couldn't resist. Got it home...put it on my toes...and stuck it in the cabinet. Roughly 2 or 3 weeks later, got in said bottom bathroom cabinet and it fell out...AND BROKE...and spilled RED, sparkly nail polish all over our tile floor. SON OF A.....
I was pissed...I wrote an email...stating that I was shocked that it fell at such a short height and broke. Never heard back....
UNTIL last week when I received an email with their apologies and their assurance that they would send another bottle! HIP HIP HOORAY!
(It arrived yesterday!!) YAY OPI!

So then...I went to get my eyebrows waxed. My girl left...she moved to Hawaii (just up and moved to do something different...bitch!)...but I knew this, so I was nervous that I was meeting with someone new. Would she understand that I just needed a clean up? That I want a NATURE shape. Would she laugh at my out of control, 2 months since my last wax, grandpa eyebrows?! She was young...REALLY young...but adorable. It was an awkward meeting...I didn't know her name, she didn't know mine...I just followed her to the lavender scented room with the amazingly comfortable bed/table thing and prayed.

As I laid my head back...she asked if I had ever had my eyebrows threaded. I said no, but have always been interested BUT I am not about to try it out in the middle of Grapevine Mills Mall. (Might as well have my teeth whitened while I'm at it. NO THANK YOU!) She said it was the same price, hurt a tiny bit more, but wouldn't remove the top layer of skin like waxing and sometimes lasts longer than waxing. I said...sign me up. WOW! I am officially a fan of threading! (and no, she did not have one of the strings in her mouth...that I could see...)

It felt like plucking, didn't sting like waxing afterwards, and I saw a few of the eyebrows floating around afterwards and WOW it took the whole dang thing out!

Try it out ladies...or'll love it! (just not in Grapevine Mills Mall or I will be forced to laugh at you...on the inside)

Happy Saturday Kids! Make it a good one!

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