Friday, June 12, 2009

Pre-Cake Class

So tomorrow I host my first official cake decorating "class"! Woo! I am eagerly counting the hours until it strikes 4:00 and I run home and viciously attack my house with a Swiffer and vacuum. I plan on cleaning top to bottom, baking the cakes (I would love to do this tomorrow but it takes too much time and my 1984 oven makes our kitchen feel like the surface of the sun), possibly making muffins, and getting everything ready cape will be blowing in the wind!

Icing tomorrrow, fruit tomorrow, and putting the final touches on everything. Who needs sleep?! NOT ME!

I am so super duper excited for this opportunity to share my hobby and stress-reliever. I hope my friends will leave tomorrow afternoon having learned something, and hopefully not thinking I am a HUGE nerd.

I pray the dogs will be on their best behavior. I think I am more nervous about that than anything...

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Ashley said...

I so wish we lived closer! Your cake class looked like so much fun, and it's nice to see someone else who is big a nerd as me! My newest infatuation is sewing! Just wanted to tell you how cute you are!