Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Shower!

On Saturday, the girls at work threw me my first baby shower! It was so much fun and so exciting! To be completely honest, those situations make me 100% uncomfortable. It is difficult for me to be the center of attention in that way and it is hard for me to truely express my appreciation for something like that. It is just hard to believe that people would want to do something like that for me! Regardless though, it was so much fun and I am so grateful to work with such amazing people!

Here are the hosts! Nancy, Leslie, Jessica, and Jennifer. You may remember Leslie, Jessica, and Jennifer from my cake class! All these ladies are truely AWESOME!

This is my mom and aunt Joan (her sister) may remember her from my Utah "vacation" in July. Joan was able to come into town for the shower, which made it really special. That morning we went to brunch and I took her on a "tour" of Dallas. This is slightly funny because most of the time I have to ask for directions around Dallas myself! Thank God for the GPS!

We had a good time chatting with everyone, opening gifts (we got a lot of amazing stuff! I just can't wait to start using it all!), and of course had snacks and cake!
(notice the ADORABLE signs that Jessica made! she is our artist! so cute! i cant wait to scrapbook them!)

Check out this cake that a friend of Jennifer's made. WHAT?! How adorable is that?! She said that I am her "cake lady" but she couldnt ask me to make my own cake but umm...I am your cake lady?! I think I have fooled her into thinking I am better than I am! This cake was adorable, precious, so stinkin cute...oh and tasted amazing. : )

And no shower is complete without a diaper cake!

Leslie made this one! How cute is that?! We even got to keep the stuffed animals...they were absolutely adorable. Look at the elephant!! So cute!

All in all, I had a blast. We are so blessed and I can not wait to introduce our little one to all of these wonderful women!

Happy Shower!

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