Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun Friday - Cookie Bouquet

So a few weeks ago, my very best friend in the entire world had a major life milestone. It was finally time, after all these years, for her to start the downhill slid towards achieving her doctorate! Her final proposal and when she WILL be awarded her doctorate comes in August, but this was the first step to getting there...her dissertation proposal. I even sounds scary!

Anyway...she was ready. She has been ready. But I still wanted to do something that I thought would make her smile and let her know how proud everyone was of her and how excited we were for what better way...than with a cookie bouquet! 

I planned on buying one since I had never made one before BUT after looking at prices...geeze...people are sure proud of them! I decided...what the heck, she wouldnt disown me if it turned out terribly so why dont I give it a shot!

I used this recipe for the cookies...which were okay. They turned out perfect for what I needed but I wished they tasted a LITTLE better. I am going to experiment with a few other recipes but if you are looking for something that will work...definitely give this recipe a shot! And I used this recipe for the royal icing...which I have never used but seen many a time on Martha. Here is a good starting guide if you want a few tips!

So I got started and here is what I came up with!

It actually worked! And if you dont mind me saying...actually looked pretty cute!

She really liked it so here is my tip; next time you think about buying that gift...what about making it instead?! It may save you money and sometimes it means a whole lot more when the person receiving knows all the time and love that went into it! That is all I am going to say about that.

Happy Friday!

(OH! And most importantly...SHE PASSED!)

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Jenilee said...

Congrats to BOTH of you on such an awesome job!!!!! Those cookies look ADORABLE and WAY TO PASS!!! That's amazing!!!!