Thursday, March 11, 2010

Child-bearing hips

So my mother used to tell me that I had "child-bearing hips". Awesome for one's self-esteem at 14 years old. To be completely honest, I was never really sure what that meant until I got older and realized that it was a nice way of saying "a big square ass". I have come to terms with my wide load. I even managed to find the humor in the situation when someone yelled out of their car window as Shawn and I were walking out from the movies, "YOUR GIRLFRIEND HAS A BIG ASS!"...maybe that's why he doesn't like going to the movies...

Anyways, I am now finding out the benefit of and embracing my really has come in handy being pregnant! I have somehow managed to squeeze myself into my normal jeans for the past 24 weeks and have avoided buying maternity jeans, which I am finding less than flattering when I do try them on, and I have kept my shape and my love handles have just become apart of my bump! All-in-all, I am realizing that I don't look THAT bad pregnant! to I convince Hubby that he should keep me knocked up continuously so I can utalize my trunk junk...maybe I'll make him watch the Duggers!

Happy Big Butts!

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