Monday, March 29, 2010

Strut Your Mutt - 2010

Last Saturday...March 20th...Hubby and I participated in the 5th annual SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) STRUT YOUR MUTT! This is our third year to participate and each year is becoming more and more of a success!

We started "raising money" (aka sending out those annoying emails) in January/February asking people to help. Our goal as a team was $1000! Last year we raised over $500 so this year, we decided to challenge ourselves even more. Last year we established team "Paws for the Cause", which included a friend from work and a really good friend of mine. She is a crazy dog lover like me, so you know we get along well. : ) You might remember her from Bailey's story. One of her girls, Drea, is Bailey's mom. : )

Anyway...this year our team started with Hubby, Sissy, and I and soon grew into a team of 6! (Thanks completely to Sissy) Although it was just the three of us the day of the walk, we were supported by our remaining team members.

The week of the walk was amazing. The weather was perfect, you could tell spring was in the air, and we were really looking forward to another great year with beautiful weather. And then Saturday came along...and it was let's just say...less than pleasant. Rain...COLD ASS RAIN...40 degree temperatures and wind. It was gross...but we carried on and strutted with the rest and the best of them!

To date, "Paws for the Cause" has raised over $800 this year!!!! We fell a little short of our goal but who cares! We had fun, the "kids" had fun, and we helped a great cause! We cant wait until next year when we can carry "Punkin" along for the strut!

Happy Pups!

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