Monday, March 15, 2010

A quick note...

So I started reading "On Becoming Babywise" last night (I figured we only have 15 weeks to go...better get started on my reading sometime!), which is a great book that focus on Parent-Directed Feeding. A method that establishes a feeding routine while also incorporating baby's feeding cues. Not for everyone but a good read for anyone interested in that type of thing! : ) I started reading it and it starts out by discussing the importance of a healthy marriage when raising children. I think the line that stuck out the most to me was "Great marriages produce great parents". I hope it is clear by now how much I adore my husband but I also really feel that we have a great marriage. Dont get me wrong, we have our bumps along the way and it has taken a lot of help from an outside perspective for me to appreciate him as much as I should but seriously...I absolutely adore him and I can not wait to raise our baby with him.

Well that being said, I had a rough weekend dealing with what I thought was bronchitis but soon realized was allergies. Man...I never appreciated Zyrtec-D more than when I couldnt take it! Yesterday evening though, it was getting to the point where I was miserable. Runny nose but completely congested, watery eyes, sinus pressure that felt more like someone was standing on my face than anything, and I was just downright grumpy. Well not only did my husband research online the okay drugs for me to take (this was after he spent ALL DAY trying to fix our computer with our neighbor), he then took me to CVS where we spent $50 (yay for most of it qualifity for FSA!) on stuff in hopes of making me feel better.

As I took my Vicks shower and attempted to wash away my sinus trouble, I continued thinking about how great he is. These thoughts followed me out of the shower and persisted as I brushed my teeth. It was then, that "Punkin" gave me about four BIG OLE' KICKS right in the gut. I would like to think that it was his way of agreeing with me on how awesome his dad is. : )

I just dont know how I got so lucky and I hope that our great marriage, really will make us great parents.


Jenilee said...

Ok. That's just adorable. I'm so glad you two found each other and love eachother so much =) xoxo

Jenilee said...
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