Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I have read on every blog and website out there that the typical first sign of pregnancy are the sore ta-tas. Well apparently mine have not gotten the memo BUT my face has....

I have not had zits like this EVER! My skin kinda freaked out a little when I got off the BC pill, which I expected since some people go on it to help acne but since little punkin has taken up a residence in my uterus, my face has exploded like I was a 14 year old closet chocolate addict...it's bad people. GIANT, red, sore, deep zits that can't be popped. SICK!

The rough part...you can't put medicine on them. I plan on taking pictures of my face with no make-up to include in the baby book and show our little punkin how much I put up with him/her.

I have however found a somewhat helpful natural remedy! Chamomile tea bags! Make the tea like you were going to drink it. Drink it if you prefer, I dont like tea so mine goes down the drain, and then while the tea bag is still hot, put it on your zits! It doesnt make them go away instantly but it helps take the puffiness out, makes them less sore, and helps them get to the point where you can pop them if that is your thing.

I still have to wear makeup like no one's business BUT it has helped! YAY! Regardless of the acne, I'll take it for the reward!

Happy Puberty!


Jenilee said...

Awwwww geez - I'm sorry Meggles! I'm sure it'll go away soon! It's just the hormonal changes your body is going through - the first trimester is always a mess of changes. I'm sure it will settle down :) And you and the little punkin will be chamomile bag free... And no matter what, you're still beautiful!! <3

dsimon3 said...

CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN!!!!! OMG - I am so happy for both of you...Hugs and Kisses all over your face!!!!
Debbie Simon