Monday, November 9, 2009

First of Many

Saturday was the first of many events to come over the next couple of weeks. The owner of the company that I work for, his son is getting married in May of next year and Saturday was their Engagement Shower/Party.

I ended up borrowing a dress from a friend that worked out great (I rocked the white legs with confidence...kinda). It was super cute and fit well. I was so grateful I didn't have to go out and buy anything.

The party was held in the owner's home and it was just beautiful. My M.I.L. would have been in heaven. Their house is decorated beautiful, their kitchen is amazing, and the party was decorated to fit the "fiesta" theme so there were fajitas, colored blankets, and decorations everywhere.

Despite my inability to enjoy the margarita machine, Hubby and I had a good time and he looked SUPER cute! We didn't stay out too late because I didn't want to turn into a pumpkin, but it was nice to get out and enjoy some time together.

Happy Fiesta!

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