Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cotton Anniversary

So throughout all the excitment, Hubby and I had our 2nd wedding anniversary on 10/21/2009. We have tried to keep with the traditional wedding gifts (by tried I mean this year and last year). You know first year is paper, second year cotton, third year leather, thirty year shotgun. Well seeing as we didn't make too big of a deal out of our anniversary last year, I decided to go low key and bought him a pair of jeans that he needed. I didn't even wrap them, just handed them to him, said "look, cotton...happy anniversary", and threw them in the wash.

Well apparently he had other plans and when I came home from work that day, sitting on the kitchen table were flowers and two boxes, one of which had a scarf wrapped around it like a bow! WHAT?! Adorable! So I of course asked if I could open them immediately! The small one first. A linen reed diffuser. Get it...linen...cotton....so cute! The big box...

a sewing machine! I have wanted one for a long time and I could not believe he surprised me like that! I was floored. We went out to dinner that night and then made a pit stop at JoAnn's on our way home. I decided my first project was going to be a Halloween costume for Bailey.

She was going to be a bunny.

After ten days of Hubby reminding me that Halloween was just around the corner, it was finished. She looked a bit more like piglet (I think because of the ears) but still adorable. I was so proud of myself because I was thinking the legs would be all crazy and uneven and it wouldn't fit her at all. Deep down, I think she felt pretty.

Before the ears went on. She hates the flash.

With the ears.

She of course hated every minute of it but we did bring her out on Halloween night and people got a kick out of it. Nothing like getting barked at by a 75 pound bunny/pig thing. So cute. She was such a good sport.

I haven't decided what my next project will be. I will keep you posted. HA...get it...posted. Lame...sorry.

Happy Sewing!

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Jenilee said...

I still say she's the cutest puppybunny ever!!!!