Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are We Crazy?!

So next Monday, Hubby and I start our 14 week training that ends with us completing the White Rock Half Marathon.

Now don't get too excited, we are walking this marathon, not running. I personally HATE/LOATHE/DETEST running, therefore I will be walking, which I enjoy. Maybe someday we will work up to running (which he likes) but for our first marathon attempt, I am going with what I comfortable with.

I currently walk a 12 minute mile, I hope to get it down to 10. Hubby is less than overjoyed at the thought of walking 13.2 miles but I know deep down he is excited. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on our progress and maybe I will shed a few pounds in the process!

I will post our training schedule next Monday. If you are interested, the more the merrier, so feel free to train and then join us on December 13th!

Happy Walking!

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Jenilee said...

I think that is AWESOME Meggles! I'm so proud of both of you! I agree, running is horrendous - I don't know why I put myself through it, but it's VERY rewarding! At least try to jog a little bit of it :)