Saturday, September 26, 2009

An old adage I will never understand...

So although cliche, it is very fitting right now...why must bad things happen to good people?

This post is about a friend, a friend who told me that if I didn't start blogging more she would come to my house in the middle of the night and force me to blog repeatedly until I couldn't see straight. Okay so she didn't really but she did remind me that some people DO actually read it so...this one is for you Dixie*!

So I have this friend, Dixie, she is fabulous. We worked together at that other place that sells food. She had recently quit when I first started BUT decided to come back to the dark side after realizing that banking sucks. (PS Just in case you were wondering, I can't imagine dealing with other people's money) So anywho, she came back to work and although we were not instant friends, it was only a matter of time.

The first time we ever hung out, we had a lunch date at Taco Bueno. Delicious. Not only did she make me laugh till I peed a little...I made her cry. No joke. The first time we ever hung out outside of work...I made her cry! Okay so what we were talking about made her cry but that is neither here nor there because she is in a much better place now....not that she died or anything, she is just in a better place in life. Anyways, so we definitely started off our friendship with a bang.

From then on, she made my loathing of my job bearable. I always found a reason to run over to her desk when I was in the office to talk to her. I whole heartily consider applying for a position in the office, just in hopes that our desks would be next to each other and we could giggle and laugh all day. BUT that would probably be due to us never working and then we would have both been fired and that wouldn't have been good either. I had already made her cry in public!

So anywho, to make a long story even longer...she is 100% fabulous. The kind of person that everyone should be lucky enough to meet at least once in their life.

So Dixie and her new fiance (WOO!) were crazy enough to decide to buy a house and get married all within about a month's span (not that anyone around here would know about that...ummm...yeah). The were excited to close on the house last Friday and move last Saturday. I will not go into the gory details because:

A. I never asked for her permission to write about her
B. No one should have to relive this story as many times as I'm sure she has told it. Despite her ridiculously awesome attitude and humor about the whole situation, let's be honest, it sucks.

Well, Sunday morning, Dixie and her awesome haired fiance woke up to find that their septic system in their brand new, never been lived in house had backed up and they, along with all of their stuff, were standing in poo water. They have been forced to live in a hotel for about a week now, and deal with a shitty builder who is claiming no responsibility or desire to find out why it happened, but don't worry he was nice enough to offer his crew and he would bill them later....

They are AWESOME people. Although God works in mysterious ways and I am sure there is a lesson in here somewhere, it sucks. Pray for them. Pray for them to keep their sanity. Pray for them that they will soon get to live in their new home without any concerns. And pray that they are able to find a good place to hide the builder's body...just in case.

I heart you Dixie!

Happy Poo Water!

*Her name might have been changed to protect both her innocence and her home builder...

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Jenilee said...

Oh no!!! I hope your friend "Dixie" and her new husband find some kind of Grace from God to get them through this! Geez, that's just awful :(