Monday, September 28, 2009

To bathe or not to bathe...

So I will start by saying, don't judge me. I have already judged myself enough...I know I am terrible mother.

So the weekend before last we had rain...lots and lots of rain for what seemed like a good month and a half. Okay maybe only a week but it was a LOT of rain.

Rain = mud
Mud = dirty dogs
Dirty dogs = dirty house
Dirty house = stress and chaos

After the skies finally parted, I decided to give Vegas a haircut. She has so much fur that just gets out of control. I had to trim her butt and feet anyways, and Hubby was working (he normally does the "grooming") so I thought I would give it a shot. I got started and when I flipped her over to get her tummy...I am almost embarrassed to tell you....I found a worm in her fur...

I am officially, the WORST dog mom EVER!

This lead to a scream and a sprint upstairs to the bathtub for a bath. All dogs were in desperate need of a scrub so I look this as my opportunity. Vegas whimpers through the entire thing. Bubba seems annoyed but puts up with it. And Bailey, all 75 pounds of LAB, detests the water and tries to jump out at every opportunity. It makes for a comical morning if nothing else.

I have decided to try to bathe them every other week now (Hubby and bestie Jamie say that every week is too much). This also creates a reason that will force me to clean the bathroom. Although I can tell myself that it doesnt get used very often, I cant ignore the ring of dirt and the pile of black dog hair in the tub. We shall see how long I last!

Happy Scrubbing!

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