Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day = day of manual labor

Rather than sitting around sipping cocktails last weekend, Hubby forced me at shovel point to help him in the yard. It was hot. It was yucky. It was sweaty. But is finished! Here is how it unfolded....are you excited?!

Friday night...we did what every normal couple does on Friday...we tore out the other half of the deck.
Throughout this process, Hubby also decided that this would be an opportune time to install some drainage, which was much need in our yard. So...after ripping out the rest of the deck, we decided to get started and began digging. This side wasn't that miserable since it was already slopping down hill.

The dogs were kind enough to help!

This side on the other hand was...ummm...HELL! Just saying.
Oh and there is Hubby "socking" the drainage tube/pipe/thing. He's so cute.

Trench filled with gravel (which we bought WAY too much of but were able to take it back so it saved us some money), drainage, and dirt. Then the grass was put back. YAY! Almost done!

Yesterday Hubby went and bought grass to cover the mud pit! Now it is time to water like crazy and hope it doesn't die!
All in all, this was a labor intensive project but I can't complain TOO loud since it was my whining that finally drove Hubby crazy enough to suggest taking out the deck. Also, it saved up quite a bit of money doing it ourselves...and I guess it was kind of a bonding experience for us...I guess. : )
Our patio space is much smaller but I think it is going to save me from going insane and who doesn't love more grass! Just more opportunity to watch Hubby mow!!
Happy Yard Work!

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