Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Skinny Jeans Tour - 2009

Last night Hubby and I spent our Wednesday evening watching All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, and Blink-182. This was actually my third time seeing Blink-182, but the first time since they have reunited after a 5 year break up.

The last time I saw them was on their last tour and you could tell that it was the end. That album was really mellow and reflective and frankly somewhat depressing. They were not energetic or enthused during the concert, and it was just apparent that they were tired and done with each other.

This show on the other hand was amazing. It might have been because it was a PACKED house. I mean PACKED and therefore Mark, Tom, and Travis just saw dollar signs above all of our heads but regardless it rocked. They were on their game. Travis had a ridiculous solo that involved being strapped to his drum set and being hoisted in the air and spun around on a rotating drum set. WHAT?! I know...

Within the sea of people must have been at least 3 generations, and although the crowd was definitely diverse, I felt old. At least 100 years old. MOST of the attendants were high school age, which makes me think that they were 11 - 13 the last time Blink was together and I am just confused by that completely but whatever. Half of the fun of the concert was oohing and ahhing at "that guy's rockin' 1980s mustache despite being 19", "those girls wearing colored fishnets, fingerless gloves, and high-tops", and the skinny jeans. Oh the skinny I will never understand you...

Leaving was a bit of a challenge, but Hubby took me on a tour of Fair Park, which was...awesome. Thank God for GPS...

Overall it was a fun night that involved my Hubby, a 16-inch frozen wine-a-rita, and a great concert. I did keep my bra this show, just in case you were wondering.

Happy Punk Rock!

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