Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Punkin" Movement

So around last week, I started to feel what I thought was baby movement. Nothing too wild but definitely a different feeling down yonder. It felt like tiny muscle spasms, that is the best way that I can describe it. I know other people say butterflies or gas but to me it kind of feels like twitching. has continued so I am fairly certain that it wasn't my big lunch but it is in fact baby.

Well last night we had finished up dinner (Chicken Enchiladas) and were watching TV when I started to feel some movement. I thought what the heck, let's see if Hubby can feel it too. So I grabbed his hand and put it on my lower stomach. I could still feel things every now and again but he couldn't. : (  He waited another minute or two and "Punkin" gave two really good jolts and Hubby felt them! His eyes got big and I asked if he felt that and he said yes! It was a very cool moment.

Then Vegas dragged her butt on the carpet and our cool moment was interrupted BUT such is life!

Happy Baby!


Jenilee said...


I think your blog is my favorite thing in the world to read. Your dogs crack me up!!!

I love being able to be a "part" of this with you guys and keep up on everything happening, even those I'm soooo freaking far away =(

Ashley Mc said...

Isn't it so cool to feel the baby move? Just wait til he gets bigger! I seriously LOLed when I read the part about Vegas...hilarious

dsimon3 said...

The little spasm type movements are hiccups! I didn't know that when Brandon was hiccuping, I thought he had TURETT'S! lol...The doctor assured me it was my baby hiccuping! As you know by now...27 years later, it was the hiccups...I think? lol! Having fun going through this with you Meggy-Eggy!