Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Friday - 2nd Edition

This is my cart-o-goodness. It sits on my counter (because it's precious) and has become my storage for chocolate chips and other delicious goodies.

(pretend you also see instant coffee and chopped pecans)

When deciding what to make for this week's edition of Fun Friday...I decided to use what I had and try to make something new and delicious and oh boy...did I ever.

I like brownies just as much as the next girl, dont get me wrong but sometimes I want something in addition to that chewy chocolate goodness. Give me some texture, or some nuts or something and I am one happy gal.

I decided to use what I had in the cart to see what I could come up with so I layered fudgy dark brownie with chopped pecans (courteous of my father-in-law), melted caramel bits, and melted milk chocolate chips.

I know...I know.
Let the tears of joy rain down upon your apron strings!

Happy Baking! 

1 comment:

Jenilee said...

A: That looks SO freaking good.

B: I want a mini-shopping cart!!! Where'd you get that?! Awwww I'm so jealous!!!!!!