Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Her Recipe Box

This is my Gram's recipe box. You might have noticed it in Monday's post, on Gram's shelf. (PS I apologize for not posting this yesterday...Hubby got all excited about doing the taxes and I fell asleep around 8:30 because that is what I do these days so...don't hate me) Anyways...this is my Gram's recipe box. It was one thing I grabbed instantly when she passed away. Not because it had monetary value or anything wild but because I wanted to make sure it had a special and safe place to live. Honestly...I dont think I have opened it since I brought it home. It's just complicated. I just miss her...a lot. And somehow opening this recipe box meant that she was REALLY gone.

I finally just sucked it up...and opened it...and it was glorious.

Was I expecting to find secret family recipes passed down from generations, honestly no. I dont have a WHOLE lot of memories of my Gram cooking but I was expecting to find recipes. Recipes she tried and loved, recipes that she never got around to trying. Old favorites, new favorites, and all those in between.
I love the ones in her handwriting. Slightly smeared as if they had been tested and spilled on. Nothing adds character to a cookbook or recipe than a water spot or food smudge. It means it was tried, and tested, and eaten, and enjoyed. And I love that.

I loved seeing that the "Outdoor Cooking" section was empty. Makes me feel reassured that maybe my lack of grilling abilities are not a reflection of my cooking skills but just my DNA.

I plan to go through this recipe box. Keep every recipe inside but cook or try most if not all of them. She had them or kept them for a reason. They deserve their time to be tried, shared, and enjoyed. I will keep you updated on the results!

In the meantime, start a cookbook or recipe box. Even if you just throw in a recipe you kind of like, you never know what finding that or cooking with that will mean to someone someday...even if it is 50 years from now. Nothing is more special than a handwritten recipe with a few smudges on it.

Happy Cooking!

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Jenilee said...

hahahahaha I love your note about the Outdoor Cooking!!!! I feel your pain there... Nothing I grill ever works out right ; )

I'm sure Gram's looking down and smiling at you missy... You're doing wonderfully :) <3 xoxo