Monday, February 1, 2010

Gram's Shelf

This may be one of my favorite spots in my kitchen. This is a small shelf that we hung up that I didn't intend to be a memorial for my Gram but it has become one. It contains stuff that might not mean much to some but means the world to me. Things that remind me of her, make me think and imagine her cooking back in the day, and just make it so that I never ever forget what a wonderful and amazing woman she was.

Things like  the classic Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. I have one that is updated but I love the look of this one and it is so neat to look through and see what was popular to cook back in the day. Her rolling pin, biscuit cutter, spatula, and mixing spoon. I dont have any fond memories of these or anything but I do remember seeing them around her kitchen. These are iconic tools that every cook must have and how cool that I have hers! Her measuring spoons I do however have fond memories of. They were so neat and I used to LOVE eating out of them (for some odd reason) when I was younger. Always found in the drawer next to her sink, I knew I was at Gram's when I saw those measuring spoons.

The pink cup however might be the most special. Gram always had that cup by the sink or my her side. Always drinking water, she would constantly remind me of the importance. It is just a cup I know, but for some reason that cup is my childhood.

When she passed away, I made sure I claimed a few things to remember her by and I just couldn't bring myself to use any of them so I slowly but surely kept adding them to the shelf until it looked like it does now. I am planning something special with the recipe box that you see there too so check back in tomorrow!

Happy Memories!


Jenilee said...

I love it.

dsimon3 said...

What an AWESOME suggestion that I am going to do with my momma's stuff. Mom's still alive, but - I treasure her and her cooking! Meg, you are the BEST, I hope your son turns out to be just like YOU! Or Emeril Lagasse! <3 Deb