Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too early?

So is it too early to start buying maternity clothes? I am not showing but there are lots of cute things on sale and I don't want to miss out! I mean look at these!


Come on Old Navy! YOU ARE KILLING ME! And can get a good sense of my taste by my color choices. : )

Pants I feel like may be a stretch because let's be honest, I am about to see if my "child bearing hips" will really show their true colors. I am hoping that they don't get so big I scare small children but I have a feeling that...things may get a little large in that department. Oh well...I guess it is worth it. : )

Happy Shopping!


Ashley said...

stock up on cute clothes while you can find them!!! there will come a time when you won't be able to find anything cute!!!

Jenilee said...

Get large? Meggles, you're tiny as anything! I can't see you getting huge!!! lol. You're so itty bitty!!!!!

Those shirts are adorable!!!! I agree with Ashley, stock up now!!!

Ashley Mc said...

I say go for it! FYI, I liked the Old Navy jeans that looked like "regular" pants that sit under the belly.

megan said...

these shirts are so cute! I didn't realize old navy had maternity clothes (although I guess it hasn't been relevant to me yet). I'll have to remember that in the future. :)