Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holladays To YOU! (Part 1)

Well...the stockings were hung, the tree adorned, and cookies baked. As of last week The Holladay family was ready for the holidays! And now...in a blink of an eye...it's over. Geeze...that was quick!

To recap let me give you a run down of our Holladay Festivness!

Lets see here...

Thursday night (Christmas Eve) Hubby and I had the family (Mom, Dad, and Auntie from NYC) over for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner...BBQ! Our menu featured pulled pork, mac & cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, dinner rolls, and for dessert apple and pecan pie. The dinner turned out mildly successful...edible but not exactly what I was hoping for. The pulled pork was yummy...I think I need to share that recipe with the world soon and the dinner rolls were delicious because hello...anything involving butter and bread is delicious...but the baked beans, mac & cheese, and coleslaw were less than amazing.

The baked beans should have been tested prior to an important dinner. I HATE it when I do that. You would think I would learn! I was hoping for them to taste like Bush's but they didn't and I was annoyed so Hubby was forced to go to the store and just buy me a can of baked beans. Probably should have done that in the first place. Oh well...live and learn...AND go for the recipe that has ketchup in them because mine didnt and I think that would have helped them look more "authentic".

The mac & cheese...hmmm...I am usually on board with The Pioneer Woman and I have tried this one twice with the same result, so this one has got me thrown for a loop! My roux turns out fine, my sauce is thick and creamy. When I add the cheese it looks like HEAVEN...pour it in the pan...top with more cheese and bake! Then when it comes out....it tastes weird. It has a weird texture and a lack of cheese flavor. Is it the egg? The cheese? The fact that I am using margarine instead of butter and 2% milk instead of whole? What is going on?! Maybe I will need to try another recipe and see if it is me...

The coleslaw. Good but not great. It is missing something and I am just not sure what. I need to play around.

Over all though...things were okay and everyone went home with a full belly...just wasnt what I was hoping. I will try again though!

After dinner we opened presents that Hubby and I had for my family. There were a few surprises and everyone seemed pleased with everything. : ) That is a good feeling. Sometimes Christmas just stresses me out because I feel that I am not buying the PERFECT gift....but I am working on that...I really am.

Once everyone left, Hubby and I finished cleaning up, sat down by the tree for a bit and went to bed. It was a great night!

Christmas Day coming tomorrow!

Happy Holladays!

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