Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holladays to YOU! (Part 2)

Christmas day was filled with lots of excitment and fun around the Holladay house hold. I woke up early to help Santa fill Hubby's stocking and then, since I was up, made a random breakfast of fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls (from a can), and blueberry muffins. I got a few things done and then couldn't resist anymore and went in and told Hubby Santa had come and he better get his butt out of bed!

We got up, had some "breakfast"...continental style...watched some TV and really just relaxed and hung out. We finally decided to open the presents under our tree and that was really fun. A few surprises, a few laughs, but over all, a good time. : )

We ended up just spending the day laying around, making sweet potatoes, and enjoying our time with each other. Around 3:00 we headed over to my parents and hung out for a bit before opening presents and having dinner. There were lots of surprises and it was so nice to just hang out with family...WITH SNOW ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE! I can't believe I forgot to include that snowed ALL day on Christmas Eve so it was pretty cool waking up to a White Christmas on Christmas morning! : )

One of our surprises was a new camera. I have been reading so many blogs lately that I have become super interested in taking better pictures and my parents surprised Hubby and I with a new one. We went home and took about 1,000 pictures of the dogs and I tried to get creative and took this one:

turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! I am still learning what all the buttons and knobs do but hopefully we will have some new and better pictures to share! Like this one that Hubby took:

We are realizing that with this camera, Vegas doesnt look as weird and you can actually see what she looks like! Very exciting! : )

All in all, it was a great Christmas. We are very blessed and it was so nice just to be with family. Oh...we did get a few other surprises from my parents for "Punkin"...diapers. : )

"Punkin"'s room also had a major makeover this weekend...more on that tomorrow!

Happy Belated Holladays!

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Jenilee said...

Your christmas sounds WONDERFUL!!!! <3 The pic of the puppies is ADORABLE! And the "artsy" one you took is REALLY pretty! It looks like a Christmas card!!!