Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Adventure!

Hubby and I left last Wednesday for New Mexico. The 500 miles northwest was ahead of us, and with Bailey (and a bunch of other stuff piled in the van) in tow...

we were off!

The trip took us about 8 hours or so...we had to take a few potty breaks.

We got to Hubby's mom's house around 3:30. Just enough time to unpack and enjoy the rest of the day light!

I tell people it is in the middle of no where, but as you can tell...we really were in the middle of no where. Despite that, it is absolutely beautiful and so incredibly quiet. You wouldnt believe the silence. As someone who LOVES silence (I am been known to drive home in complete silence) it is amazing.

We were surprised to see turkeys when we pulled up! Didnt they get the memo that Thanksgiving was the next day?!

We did a lot of relaxing,

walking around,

and enjoyed spending time with Hubby's family on Turkey Day!

We are very blessed and thankful for our lives and wonderful family. It was so nice to share the holiday with such warm and wonderful people!

Happy Blessings!

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