Monday, December 21, 2009


Hubby and I had our second appointment on Friday. We met with one of the birth assistants and she was absolutely fabulous. Our appointment lasted about an hour, we asked all sorts of questions, I learned I need to be eating two eggs a day (I had my two this morning...scrambled), and I need to hit the pavement because they are serious about me walking an hour a night.

We to hear the heartbeat. It was beating at 156 beats per minute and it was just amazing. Sounded just like you hear on TV and in the stinkin' cool! At one point, the birth assistant was moving the wand thing around on my stomach and the beating got louder and she said..."well looks like someone is swimming to the top to say hi!". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I just about died, right there on the table.

This weekend, we also decided since there is indeed still a baby in there, that it would be a good time to think about paint. Hubby and I loaded up into the van and headed to Home Depot. We decided on green for the walls and we went daring...brown for the ceiling. We are going to do a jungle theme regardless of the sex, so we decided to go ahead and get that crossed off the list. I got to help prep but Hubby was in charge of painting...pour guy. He is going to finish on Wednesday but as of now, it looks REALLY good. The ceiling makes it look cozy and cuddly, like a little cave. PERFECT for sleeping. : ) I will post pictures once we have all the tape down and it is starting to look like a room again. pants are getting tight....yay? : )

Happy Baby!

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