Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Movements

One thing I couldnt wait to feel and experience was the baby movements. What in the world did it feel like to have something ALIVE move around inside your gut? Was it alien like? Did it hurt? Did it tickle? I think that is also the first question that I always asked to my pregnant friends, "what does it feel like?!". The overwhelming response that I would typically get was... "gas"....


Somehow that is not as whimsical and special as I was hoping....

I started to feel movement back in February. I described the feeling as muscle spasms or twitching, and while I do still feel that way, as he has gotten bigger, the feeling has definitely changed and is almost indescribable...which sucks...I know but I am going to try.

The past few days, "Punkin" has been a movin' and a shakin'. He is all over the place. Feet (well what I assume are feet) on the right side, feet on the left side, feet down below...thankfully I havent had the dreaded rib kicks yet...but he is definitely getting a work out in the there and I had a moment when I was driving home and he was doing a salsa to the right and it almost felt like bubbles under my skin. I know, that sounds weird, but if you can imagine the feeling of being in bubbles under water (come on....we all played those swimming games when we were younger) and what that felt like on your imagine it on the inside. Frankly it almost tickles!

As he gets bigger (deal Lord...I hope not too much bigger...) and once his head drops, I am sure the feeling might change again but I have decided and declared that it feels like bubbles. Definitely bubbles....which I feel is more to look forward to that gas....just saying.

Oh and it definitely still is very "alien-like". Especially when you can see movement on the outside. Neat...but definitely freaky.

Happy Baby Week!

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