Thursday, April 8, 2010

What do you get....

Sometimes my best "creations" come when I am just playing around and having fun in the kitchen. What do you get when you have a trial chocolate cake (I was testing the recipe for an upcoming birthday cake), a vanilla simple syrup, strawberries on sale (99 cents per pound!!), and homemade whipped cream...

a delicious Easter treat!

So I have been meaning to blog about this for awhile but never had the best reason so now I am going to take my chance. Not only is this blog about our Easter dessert, it is about being brave and experimenting in the kitchen.

I am by NO means an expert in the kitchen. I still learn something new everytime I cook and everytime I watch the Food Network. BUT I will say that I am a much better cook than when I started and I owe a lot of that to being brave enough to just try new things and being okay with failure.

Cooking and baking is about trial and error. As much as the story on the bag wants you to believe that Mrs. Wakefield just HAPPENED to create a recipe for a delicious baked treat and just HAPPENED to toss in some chocolate pieces and BAM out came Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies, I have a hard time buying it.

Sure, she might have had her batter ready to go but once she realized the chips didnt melt, you dont think she experimented to come up with what is now one of the best cookies on the planet?! Trial and Error.

Be brave. Try using new ingredients. Try "creating" a recipe just from what you have in the pantry or on hand. Be okay if it tastes terrible and finds it way to the trash, but learn from that and don't let it bother you enough that you can't try again. (It has taken me years to be okay with that mind you)

I have found that some of the best recipes and frankly the most enjoyable cooking experiences have come from when I am just playing around and having fun in the kitchen. I promise, over will make you a better cook and you will enjoy food and the fruits of your labor even more!

Happy Cooking!

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