Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here's the dirt on our garden (HA! Dirt...Garden...get it?!)

So as you may recall, Hubby and I have decided to become one with nature and attempt to grow our own produce.

Step two in the "starting your own garden" handbook involves dirt. Lots of it. Three different kinds to be exact but I am going to be honest with you, I am not sure what they are. All I know is that mixed together it pretty much looks like potting soil but dirt is easier to say so we are going to continue to call it dirt.

The pot was removed, mulch was added as filler, and dirt was added. We are in business people!

The next question (as Hubby tested the waters and tossed a tennis ball near it and watched Bailey jump right in) was how we are planning to keep the dogs out. We get the best sunlight in the middle of the yard so while we could have put it in a raised location, they chances of tomato survival were slim to none. My suggestion was a tazer and cookies. Everytime they go near it, they get tazed. Everytime they walk away, they get a cookie. Apparently Hubby thought this was inhumane or something. He is a softy.
(And I am only joking people...please dont comment or send me any nasty email...we dont taze them...only make them wear funny costumes and hats for punishment)

and maybe the occasional napkin or E-collar...just saying...

Anyways...focus Megan!

We compromised and decided on chicken wire. We figured this would at least keep them away from the plants they couldnt reach. When I say "they"...I mean Bailey.

As you can see, we also sectioned off the garden for each plant. This will make it easier to keep track of what is what and allows for each plant to have his/her own growing space. This is looking easy!

Next step...plants! Wish us luck!

Happy Gardening!

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Jenilee said...

It looks great meggles!!

I'm glad you don't taze your dogs!! HAHAHHAHAHAAHA. Goodness, that had me laughing!!!!! hahahahahahaha Vegas looks ilke a Yenta!!! LMFAO OMG You have me laughing SO hard at work right now!!! AHAHAHAHA I sound like a crazy lady in the back corner at her desk!!!

I wanna' make Lucy an elephant costume for Halloween!!!!