Friday, April 30, 2010

#1 Pet Peeve

So I think I have decided what my #1 Pet Peeve has been during my pregnancy. It hasnt been people asking me how much weight I have gained (although that is rude and awkward) or people asking if he "was planned" (ummm...really??) or even giving me looks like I am insane when I say we are doing natural childbirth....


I think my #1 annoyance is the following conversation:

Stranger: "So when are you due?"
Me: "End of June"
Stranger: "Are you excited?"
Me: "Oh yeah, definitely"

So far so good right?!

Stranger: "Is this your first?"
Me: "Yep! Three dogs at home but this is the first baby!"
Stranger: "Oh yeah. Big difference. And I will tell you, those dogs will become just that when that baby gets here....Dogs!"
Me: ....
Stranger: "Have a great day!"
Me: ....

Bleh. People suck. Lol.

Happy Baby Week!

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Jenilee said...

What?! No way!!! Why would they say that!?!? I mean, I'm way off from it (grrr) but I tell Lucy all the time that she better be a good big sister one day!! lol.

Those are you first 3 babies. Everyone tells us she's our "trial run" hahaha.

Those people DO suck - but not all people do. The heck with them - they're boogers :(