Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What the baby books dont warn you about...

*Disclaimer. I talk about poop. If that is gross, I wouldnt continue. You have been warned!

If you weren't someone who talked about or even thought about poop before...once you have will be. P had some poop issues the past few weeks. He would be embarassed for me to be telling everyone but it went from "normal" breastfeed poop (or at least what all the books tell you it looks like) which is pretty much like seedy mustard to green. Shit you not (pun very much intended). Green. And all shades of green. Forest green. Lime green. Yellowish green. I even saw what I believe to be mint green the other day. I pretty much had to bust out my 64 pack of Crayolas to compare colors.

While it was entertaining to say the still, as a new mom, caused me some concern. We brought it up at our 2 month visit and the doc didnt seem to be alarmed so I just rolled with it but of course still googled it, checked in all my baby books, and still sent three emails to friends and texted two people to ask their thoughts and opinions. The explanations were all over the map. Everything from eating to much vegetables to a bacterial infection. Awesome.

I decided to just roll with it and we would see how things progressed until my first day back to work, Grammy texted me that there was blood and mucus in his diaper. WHAT?! Seriously?! My first day back to work and there is blood. Are you freaking kidding me?! So what does any normal person do...I made her take a picture and email it to me. It wasnt a lot but still, blood is blood and every baby book you read says blood is a red flag. I immediately called the doc and spoke with a nurse who said that one diaper with blood isnt too much concern but if the frequency of diapers and amount of blood increases, then I need to call back. Oooookay.

Well I was still worried so I called again and made an appointment for P. Hubby took him to get checked out, with dirty diaper in tow (they told us to bring a poopy one...delicious!). The doc checked for any tears or reasons for the bleeding but couldnt find anything therefore, the reason for the blood and mucus could be a possible dairy allergy therefore...I have to cut out all dairy from my diet. WHAT?! Seriously?! No cheese. No milk. No ice cream. No nothing. Boo! I have been avoiding milk anyways because I have heard that it can cause issues but no that even possible?! When Hubby told me I immediately crawled under my desk and wept. But then I pulled myself together, splashed some water on my face and told myself to quit being so selfish. I did ask Hubby (just for curiosity sake) what if I didnt cut it out and he said matter of factly..."formula". And not that there is anything wrong with that but we are cheap people and therefore we are going to try and stay on the boob juice for as long as possible.

So why is our son's poop green you may be asking yourself (or maybe not if you are normal and/or dont have kids) and the doc said that I am not drinking enough water. Awesome. So its pretty much all my fault. No guilt there or anything.

What is the moral of this story? No more dairy for me and lots and lots of water and therefore potty breaks if we want to continue to breast feed. I guess I can handle that...I mean it is for the health and well being of our child so I should probably get on board!

Happy Milking!

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Jenilee said...

Meg, don't say it's "all your fault." Please please don't tell me you're carrying any blame for this. It just happens. Drink up that yummy water!! When you're back on dairy, I'll send you some Fresh Vermont Cheddar =) (CT's not known for cheese, sorry hahaha)