Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenilee!

Today is my good friend Jenilee's birthday! YAY! Jenilee and I met 7 years ago...geeze...I can't believe it has been that long. Her and her boyfriend at the time, Scuba Steve, had just moved to Texas for Steve's job as a DJ for The Liz Wilde Show. My Hubby (well of course he wasn't my Hubby at the time...we actually didn't even know each other) was getting his demo together, had given away his cat, had started packing his things, and was ready to hit the road to find a radio job outside the DFW area. He happened to bump into to Steve and Mick (another guy from The Liz Wilde Show) and I'm sure it was more involved but ultimately they offered him a job! (little did I know I would meet him a few months later)

Anywho...Hubby and I started dating and since I was young and reckless and 20...I would go up and hang out at the radio station during their show (I'm sure this was really annoying) but during that time, Jenilee and I began to talk and eventually became friends. We had some good times!

We hung out with Ole' Whiskers!

Introduced them to some Texas BBQ!

Had some fun and interesting times at our boyfriend's boss's house...we won't even begin to discuss Thanksgiving....

Hung out a lot and tried to be helpful at the radio station.

Oh...and yeah...MET TY PENNINGTON! I you are jealous!

She is a one of a kind friend with a generous heart. (She in currently in school working towards nursing school! SO awesome!) I am so lucky to have met her and I am so glad we are still in touch...did I mention that they moved back home to Connecticut only a short time after moving here!?  She is an amazing person and I just love her to death!

I wish her the happiest day possible!

Happy Birthday Jenilee!

Oh and go check out her blog! Cute pictures of pups and stuff!


Jenilee said...

I'm blubbering at my desk! The memories you just brought back. I can't believe it's been SEVEN YEARS!!!

I love you like a sister Meggles. I really do. You're one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my entire LIFE and I'm so blessed to know you.

Thank you for the best birthday gift! xoxo

Jenilee said...

PS - Nice touch with Disney. How'd you know I'm an addict? hahahaaha